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Cecil B. DeMented

Cecil B. DeMented (2000)

Rating: 6.2 of 10

Below is the list of the 124 actors that worked in Cecil B. DeMented. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Melanie Griffith as Honey Whitlock

Stephen Dorff as Cecil

Alicia Witt as Cherish

Adrian Grenier as Lyle

Lawrence Gilliard Jr. as Lewis

Maggie Gyllenhaal as Raven

Jack Noseworthy as Rodney

Mink Stole as Mrs. Sylvia Mallory

Ricki Lake as Libby

Patricia Hearst as Fidget's Mom

Michael Shannon as Petie

Kevin Nealon as Kevin

Eric Barry as Fidget

Zenzele Uzoma as Chardonnay

Erika Lynn Rupli as Pam

Harry Dodge as Dinah

Roseanne Barr as Rosanne

Eric Roberts as Honey's Ex

Ray Felton as Roy Stillings

John Michaelson as Charles

Jewel Orem as Maid

Bill Grimmett as Mayor Adam Fenwick

Jeffrey Wei as William

Sloane Brown as Newscaster

Billy Green as Child A

Mia Walker as Child B

James Klingenberg as Child C

Ginger Tipton as Box Office Lady

Nathan Stolpman as Ticket Taker

Melanie Gorombol as Candy Counter Girl

Gary Wheeler as Theatre Manager

Joyce Flick Wendl as Puker

Tyler Mason Buckalew as Teen Boy

Tara Garwood as Charles Theater Girl

Marty Lodge as Film Commissioner

James Byrne Reed as Producer

Marlo Bernier as Studio Executive

Patsy Grady Abrams as Family Woman A

Rhea Feikin as Family Woman B

Shana Gelbard as Family Woman C

Susan Lowe as Family Lady A

Mary Vivian Pearce as Family Lady B

Michael Gabel as Film Delivery Driver

Mark Joy as Fidget's Dad

Alan J. Wendl as Security Teamster

Peter Gil as Director

Eric Richardson as D.P. Jean Pierre

Marybeth Wise as A.D.

Cynthia Webb as Large Lady

Channing Wilroy as Shop Steward

Dan Morgan as Teamster

Delaney Williams as Teamster

Frank Ferrara as Teamster

Steve Mack as Teamster

Michael Willis as Teamster

G. Lee Fleming as Sniffles

Scott Morgan as Groupie

Tim Caggiano as Porno Fan

Judith Knight Young as Ticket Seller

Tyler Miller as Fan A

Geoffrey I. Grissett as Boy Fan

Brooke Houghton as Girl Fan

Joshua Billings as Drive-In Manager

Jeff Perryson as Jock A

Terry McCrea as Jock B

Conrad Karlson as Psychiatrist

Rosemary Knower as Cecil's Mom

Doug Roberts as Cecil's Dad

Nat Benchley as Swat Cop A

Dave Trovato as Swat Cop B

Billy Tolzman as Petie's Trick

Jonathan Fiorucci as Raven's Groupie

Alan Reese as Extra

Anthony Wanzer as Lawyer

Brian Donahue as Teamster

Brian Dragonuk as Theatre Patron

Chilembwe M. Mason as Movie Theater Patron

Chris Ashworth as News Camera man

Chris Puls as Extra

Christopher T. Chase as Mayor's Bodyguard

Dan Franko as Drive-In Rioter

Dani Englander as Bartender

David A. Dunham as Movie Patron

David Stelzer as Heavy Metal Fan #2

Dennis Dermody as Porn Movie Watcher

Denny Dormody as Moviegoer in Apex Cinema

Eddie DePaola as Police Sniper

Eddie Page as SWAT Cop

Erika Wickham as Extra

George Hulse as Extra

Graham Gordon as Heavy Metal Fan #4

Jacques Derosena as Photographer

Jeff Dignan as Movie Premiere Attendee

Jim Hollenbaugh as Jock C

Jim Page as Waiter in Kitchen

Joe James as Movie Patron

John Sadowsky as Still Photographer

John Waters as Reporter

Jonathan Boushell as Drive-In Attendee

Keith Konecke as Heavy Metal Fan #1

Ken Arnold as Swat Team Member

Lindsey Jarboe as Movie Premiere Attendee

Lindsey Willis as Movie Premiere Attendee

Mack Syler as Electrician 'Gumped Again'

Mark J. Gross as Self Indulging Man in Movie Theatre

Melissa Fatto as Shucks Oysters

Michael Ahl as Police Sniper

Michael Blumenstock as Teamster, Grip

Michael McKennitt as Movie Producer

Michael Noel as Movie Sequence Stalker

Mimi Fletcher as Movie theatre patron; Panicked Drive-in Movie customer

Nasi Glekas as Movie Theater Patron

Oscar Haynes as Cameraman

Pamela Fischer as Socialite

Paul M. Clary as Gaffer 'Gumped Again'

Phil Mallon as Premier Cinemas Employee

Richard Price as Action Movie Fan

Richard Tovish as Gumped Again Grip

Rick Kain as Movie Producer

Ron A. Williams as Celebrity Guest

Ryan Slattery as Jock

Shannon Livingston as Reporter

Tim Sulin as Heavy Metal Fan #3

Towanda Underdue as Cecil Fan, Honey Hater