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A.D.N., l'âme de la terre

A.D.N., l'âme de la terre (2013)

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Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in A.D.N., l'âme de la terre. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Pascal j. Jardel as Akim

Thierry Obadia as William

Alexia Barlier as Kyera

Frank Druon as Victor Sainte

Sarah Bussy as Rose

Michel Jonasz as Yacim

Eitan Guérin as Akim Jr.

Philippe Nahon as Howard

Has previous starred with Jean-Marie Paris (2 movies)

Raphaël Boyes as Franck

Has previous starred with Albert Delpy (2 movies)

Albert Delpy as Le Maire

Has previous starred with Michel Jonasz (2 movies), Philippe Nahon (3 movies)

Guy Gabas as Le Flic

Ben Smaïl Ben Smaïl as Benchaïda

Has previous starred with Albert Delpy (2 movies)

Mathieu Trindade as Eric Sainte

Alena Marro as Lisa

Johanne Toledano as La Berbère

Barbara Grassi as La Secrétaire

Cyrille Garcia as L'Indic

Jean-Marie Paris as Le Catcheur

Clémence Labatut as La Journaliste

Julie Dacquin as La Fleuriste

Cécilia Gatti as Laïla, la mère d'Akim

Somson Karen as La Serveuse

Arcari David as Le Garagiste

Latour Sylvia as La Vieille Dame

Cazes Loïc as Bvlgard

Fata Belail as Bilel

Marina Seton as Sarah Pugeol

Neil Narbonne as Antonio

Babi Habib as Le Malade

Jean-Sébastien Noël as Actionnaire 1

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