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A Dream of Kings

A Dream of Kings (1969)

Rating: 7.1 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in A Dream of Kings. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Anthony Quinn as Matsoukas

Has previous starred with Ernest Sarracino (2 movies), Bill Walker (2 movies), Alan Reed (2 movies), Irene Papas (7 movies)

Irene Papas as Caliope

Inger Stevens as Anna

Sam Levene as Cicero

Has previous starred with Bill Walker (2 movies)

Val Avery as Fatsas

Has previous starred with Irene Papas (2 movies), Bill Walker (2 movies), Anthony Quinn (3 movies), Zvee Scooler (3 movies)

Tamara Daykarhanova as Mother-in-law

Peter Mamakos as Falconis

Has previous starred with Stasa Damascus (2 movies), George Michaelides (2 movies), Alan Reed (2 movies), Bill Walker (3 movies), Anthony Quinn (4 movies), Alberto Morin (4 movies)

James Dobson as Doctor

Has previous starred with Lisa Pera (2 movies), Sam Levene (2 movies)

Zvee Scooler as Zenoitis

Has previous starred with Tamara Daykarhanova (2 movies)

Bill Walker as Kampana

H.B. Haggerty as Turk

Alan Reed as Fig King

Has previous starred with Bill Walker (2 movies)

Radames Pera as Stavros

Theopharis Lemonopoulos as Himself

Stasa Damascus as Falconis' Daughter

Katherine Theodore as Mrs. Cournos

James Fortunes as Manulis

Ernest Sarracino as Toundas

Renata Vanni as Mrs. Falconis

Chris Marks as Telecles

Sandra Damato as Faith

Effie Columbus as Hope

Peter Kogeones as Argelo

Alberto Morin as Aristotle

Has previous starred with George Savalas (2 movies), Inger Stevens (2 movies), Anthony Quinn (3 movies), Renata Vanni (3 movies), Bill Walker (5 movies)

Anthony Jochim as Uncle Louie

Has previous starred with Sam Levene (2 movies), Anthony Quinn (2 movies), Stasa Damascus (2 movies), Peter Mamakos (3 movies), Bill Walker (4 movies)

George Michaelides as Doctor in Church

Has previous starred with Alberto Morin (2 movies)

George Savalas as Apollo

Lisa Moore as Nurse

Lisa Pera as Nurse

Peter Xantho as Javaras

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