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A New Kind of Love

A New Kind of Love (1963)

Rating: 6.0 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in A New Kind of Love. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Paul Newman as Steve Sherman

Has previous starred with Laurie Mitchell (2 movies), Robert F. Simon (2 movies), Joanne Woodward (10 movies)

Joanne Woodward as Samantha Blake, Mimi

Thelma Ritter as Leena

Eva Gabor as Felicienne Courbeau

Has previous starred with Audrey Swanson (2 movies)

George Tobias as Joe Bergner

Marvin Kaplan as Harry

Has previous starred with Celeste Yarnall (2 movies), Francine York (2 movies), Alphonse Martell (2 movies)

Robert Clary as Frenchman at Restaurant

Has previous starred with George Tobias (2 movies)

Jan Moriarty as Suzanne, Model with Umbrella

Has previous starred with Francine York (2 movies)

Joan Staley as Danish Stewardess

Robert F. Simon as Bertram Chalmers, Sherman's Boss

Has previous starred with Emily LaRue (2 movies)

Maurice Chevalier as Maurice Chevalier

Has previous starred with Alphonse Martell (2 movies), Eva Gabor (2 movies)

Allyn Parsons as Model

Alphonse Martell as Café Headwaiter

Has previous starred with Valerie Varda (2 movies), Jan Moriarty (2 movies), Francine York (2 movies), George Tobias (2 movies)

Anne Ross

Audrey Swanson as Shopper

Has previous starred with Francine York (2 movies)

Celeste Yarnall

Has previous starred with Francine York (2 movies)

Emily LaRue as Shopper

Francine York

Gladys Roach as Shopper

Helen Marler as Cardin Model

Jacqueline May as French Waitress

Joan Waddell

Laurie Mitchell as Parisienne Poule

Marylu Miner as Model

Mildred Shelton as Shopper

Patricia Olson as 2nd French Girl

Has previous starred with Joan Staley (2 movies)

Sondra Teke as Model

Trude Wyler as Midinette

Valerie Varda as Mrs. Hannah Chalmers

Vicki Poure

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