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Alberto Express

Alberto Express (1990)

Rating: 6.7 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Alberto Express. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Sergio Castellitto as Alberto Capuano

Has previous starred with Marco Messeri (2 movies), Dominique Pinon (2 movies), Maurice Lamy (2 movies), Marie Trintignant (3 movies)

Nino Manfredi as Le père d'Alberto

Marie Trintignant as Clara

Marco Messeri as Le contrôleur

Eugenia Marruzzo as Juliette

Thomas Langmann as Alberto adolescent

Has previous starred with Jeanne Moreau (2 movies)

Dennis Goldson as Le noir

Has previous starred with Maurice Lamy (2 movies)

Roland Amstutz as Le serveur

Has previous starred with Thomas Langmann (2 movies), Maurice Lamy (2 movies), Michel Aumont (2 movies), Jeanne Moreau (2 movies), François Maisongrosse (2 movies), Dominique Pinon (4 movies)

Michel Aumont as L'endetté

Has previous starred with Thomas Langmann (2 movies), Jeanne Moreau (3 movies)

Jeanne Moreau as La baronne

Angela Goodwin as La mère

Stephane Boyenval as Le serveur sandwiches

Fabien Chombart as Jeune garcon train

François Maisongrosse as La pére du jeune garcon

Sandra Extercatte as La fille de réve

Maurice Lamy as Le serveur couloir

Has previous starred with Anne Zamberlan (2 movies), Jeanne Moreau (2 movies), Dominique Pinon (3 movies)

Sayuli Nishioka as Le petite fille

Dominique Chevalier as Le clochard

Has previous starred with Ettore Geri (2 movies), Dominique Pinon (3 movies)

Dominique Pinon as Le conducteur de la locomotive

Has previous starred with Nadia Vasil (3 movies), Jeanne Moreau (3 movies)

Mireille Rufel as Voyegeuse volée

Nadia Vasil as Voyegeuse volée

Luc Alexander as L'embaumeur

Has previous starred with Dominique Chevalier (2 movies)

Nanni Tamma as Omero le grand-pére

Salvatore Bartilotta as L'ancétre

Giovanni Bosich as L'ancétre

Eugenio Bonardi as L'ancétre

Duilio Fontana as L'ancétre

Ettore Geri as L'ancétre

Has previous starred with Angela Goodwin (2 movies), Nino Manfredi (3 movies)

Emanuele Magnoni as Le jardinier

Anne Zamberlan

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