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...All the Marbles

...All the Marbles (1981)

Rating: 6.3 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in ...All the Marbles. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Peter Falk as Harry Sears

Has previous starred with John Hancock (2 movies)

Vicki Frederick as Iris

Laurene Landon as Molly

Burt Young as Eddie Cisco

Tracy Reed as Diane, Toledo Tiger

Ursaline Bryant as June, Toledo Tiger

Claudette Nevins as Solly, Woman Promoter

Richard Jaeckel as Bill Dudley

Has previous starred with Laurene Landon (2 movies), Lenny Montana (2 movies), Burt Young (2 movies)

John Hancock as Big John' Stanley, TTs Promoter

Has previous starred with Richard Jaeckel (2 movies), Laurene Landon (2 movies), Chick Hearn (2 movies), Jonathan Terry (2 movies)

Lenny Montana as Jerome, Eddie's Bodyguard

Charlie Dell as Merle LeFevre, Open-air Fair Promoter

Has previous starred with Chick Hearn (2 movies)

Chick Hearn as Himself - TV Reporter

Has previous starred with Clyde Kusatsu (2 movies), Burt Young (2 movies)

Cliff Emmich as Obese Promoter

Clyde Kusatsu as Clyde Yamashito, Japanese Promoter

Has previous starred with Burt Young (3 movies)

Joe Greene as Himself - Football Player

Marlene Petrilli as Akron Wrestler #1

Karen McKay as Akron Wrestler #2

Jonathan Terry as Akron Doctor

Alvin Hammer as Geisha's Doctor

Has previous starred with Faith Minton (2 movies)

Angela Aames as Louise, Girl in Harry's Room

Stanley Brock as Myron, Big Mama's Promoter

Has previous starred with Charlie Dell (2 movies), Alvin Hammer (2 movies)

Susan Mechsner as Creature #1

Has previous starred with Faith Minton (2 movies)

Leslie Henderson as Creature #2

Has previous starred with Susan Mechsner (2 movies)

Taemi Hagiwara as Geisha #1

Ayumi Hori as Geisha #2

Faith Minton as Big Mama

Irma Eugenia Aguilar as Mexican Wrestler #1

Martha Louisa Coello as Mexican Wrestler #2

Gustavo Torres as Mexican Referee

Paul Greenwood as Mud Wrestling Emcee

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