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American Skin 2: Eagles Gathering

American Skin 2: Eagles Gathering (2005)

Rating: 8.0 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in American Skin 2: Eagles Gathering. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Alison Raines as Crazy Teen

Amanda Boxer as Mical Shalom

Angela Palazzolo as News Director

Aubrey Chandler as Beatrice Kolanko

Beth Devakul as Wendy Kamm

Bette Kay Garner as Linda Cook

Dara Wedel as Sasha Glock

Dennis Wiggans as Congressman Andrew Colson

Emily Bach as Karen Holis

Has previous starred with Angela Palazzolo (2 movies)

Estefania Crespo as Squirm

Fiamma Sweeting as Jasmine

Gabrielle Provaas as Arms Dealer

Hal Kreitman as TV Producer

Has previous starred with Estefania Crespo (2 movies)

Holly Magnani as Seanay Burns

Jeanne Griffith as Sheila Holland

Has previous starred with Shalonda Odoms (2 movies), Phyn Nevelle (2 movies)

Jessica West as Cindy Hooper

John Trapani as Judge Ivans

Has previous starred with Dara Wedel (2 movies), Marjorie O'Neill-Butler (2 movies), Jeanne Griffith (2 movies), Estefania Crespo (3 movies)

Julia Clearwood as Margie Stonebridge

Has previous starred with Jeanne Griffith (2 movies), Shalonda Odoms (2 movies)

Margie Eisenhart as Brownshirt Lilly

Marjorie O'Neill-Butler as Senator Netty Milner

Melinda Munson as Beautiful woman

Melisa Nelson as Shantal Craig

Mindy Munson as Beautiful woman

Patsy Sevilla as Patsy Rictor

Phyn Nevelle as Levi Modai

Sara Elizabeth Timmins as Millie Pappas

Shalonda Odoms as Bar Owner

Susanne Kreitman Taylor as Rene Bergman

Tako Tako as Tako

Tonie Farace as Arab Woman

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