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American Yakuza

American Yakuza (1993)

Rating: 5.7 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in American Yakuza. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Viggo Mortensen as Nick Davis, David Brandt

Ryo Ishibashi as Shuji Sawamoto

Has previous starred with Yuji Okumoto (2 movies)

Michael Nouri as Dino Campanela

Franklyn Ajaye as Sam

Has previous starred with Nicky Katt (2 movies)

Yuji Okumoto as Kazuo

Anzu Lawson as Yuko

Robert Forster as Littman

Has previous starred with Viggo Mortensen (2 movies)

John Fujioka as Isshin Tendo

Has previous starred with Yuji Okumoto (2 movies)

Nicky Katt as Vic

James Taenaka as Taka

Has previous starred with Anzu Lawson (2 movies)

Saiko Isshiki as Aya

Fritz Mashimo as Okazaki

Jeff Bankert as Medical Student

Rosine 'Ace' Hatem as Agent #1

John Hammil as Agent #2

Has previous starred with Ryo Ishibashi (2 movies), Scott Roberts (2 movies), Nicky Katt (2 movies), Viggo Mortensen (2 movies), Yuji Okumoto (3 movies)

Michael Westfall as Long Haired Man

Nathan Jung as Giant Yakuza

Has previous starred with Anzu Lawson (2 movies), James Taenaka (3 movies)

Chris Hubbell as Personnel Manager

Joey Ciccone as Rudy

Toni Naples as Mrs. Campanela

Elizabeth Lamont as Hostess

Jake Belcher as Mafia agent #2

Scott Roberts as Sleuth

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