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Arthur Newman

Arthur Newman (2012)

Rating: 5.6 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Arthur Newman. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Colin Firth as Arthur Newman

Emily Blunt as Mike

Lucas Hedges as Kevin Avery

Has previous starred with Emily Blunt (2 movies)

Anne Heche as Mina Crawley

M. Emmet Walsh as Zazek

Has previous starred with Sharon Conley (2 movies)

Kristin Lehman as Mary Alice Wells

Phillip Troy Linger as Fuller Wells

Has previous starred with Anthony Reynolds (2 movies), Sharon Conley (2 movies)

Devon Woods as Janie Wells

Sterling Beaumon as Grant Wells

Natalia Volkodaeva as Ludmila Hadley

Autumn Dial as Charyl

Anthony Reynolds as Park Ranger

Has previous starred with Saeri Lee (2 movies), Suzanne Nystrom (2 movies), Sharon Conley (2 movies), Bonnie Johnson (2 movies), Rachael Moser (2 movies)

Holden Hansen as Dying Man - Beauregard Tully

Has previous starred with Jack Landry (2 movies), Ron Prather (2 movies)

Ron Prather as Detective #1

Has previous starred with Bonnie Johnson (2 movies)

Jason Benjamin as Cop

Has previous starred with Steve Coulter (2 movies), Sharon Conley (2 movies)

Daniel Jones as Hairy Man

Jack Landry as Doctor

Has previous starred with Ron Prather (2 movies), Karen Malina (3 movies), Anthony Reynolds (3 movies)

Sol Miranda as Rosita Tully

Steve Coulter as Owen Hadley

Has previous starred with Ron Prather (2 movies), Phillip Troy Linger (2 movies), Anthony Reynolds (2 movies), Lucas Hedges (2 movies), Autumn Dial (2 movies), Karen Malina (2 movies), M. Emmet Walsh (3 movies), Sharon Conley (5 movies)

Bonnie Johnson as Ticket Agent

Has previous starred with Rachael Moser (2 movies), Karen Malina (2 movies)

Karen Malina as Neighborhood Jogger

Kimberly Dunevant as Mother with family washing car

Has previous starred with Bonnie Johnson (2 movies)

Laura Anne Green as Girl

Has previous starred with Saeri Lee (2 movies)

Lauren Herrel as Business Woman

Michelle Foust as Diner Patron

Nicole LaLiberte as Hipster Sarah

Rachael Moser as April

Saeri Lee as Pedestrian

Has previous starred with Suzanne Nystrom (2 movies)

Sharon Conley as Unemployment Official

Suzanne Nystrom as Hilda

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