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Beer League

Beer League (2006)

Rating: 6.0 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Beer League. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Artie Lange as Artie DeVanzo

Has previous starred with Daniel Tay (2 movies)

Ralph Macchio as Maz

Anthony DeSando as Dennis Mangenelli

Has previous starred with Mary Birdsong (2 movies), George Palermo (2 movies)

Cara Buono as Linda Salvo

Jimmy Palumbo as Johnny Trinno

Has previous starred with Maddie Corman (3 movies)

Joe Lo Truglio as Dave

Has previous starred with Mary Birdsong (2 movies), Jerry Minor (3 movies)

Jerry Minor as Tim

Seymour Cassel as Dirt

Has previous starred with Ralph Macchio (2 movies), Frank Pellegrino (2 movies), Elizabeth Regen (2 movies), Louis Lombardi (3 movies)

Michael Deeg as Alfonse

Has previous starred with Artie Lange (2 movies)

Laurie Metcalf as Artie's Mom

Elizabeth Regen as Gina

Maddie Corman as Marilyn

Frank Pellegrino as Gina's Dad

Has previous starred with Maddie Corman (2 movies)

Daniel Tay as Max

Keren Gilbert as Vicki Galliotta

Alex Corrado as Ed

Has previous starred with Elizabeth Regen (2 movies), Artie Lange (2 movies)

Louis Lombardi as Police Chief Gugliamino

Has previous starred with Jimmy Palumbo (2 movies), George Palermo (2 movies)

Tina Fey as Front Desk Girl

Armin Amiri as Steakhouse Waiter

Matthew Gumley as Tommy

Jodi Lennon as Melissa

Jim Breuer as Football Guy

Mary Birdsong as Rhonda

Nick Di Paolo as Cousin Mickey

Jim Florentine as Crispino

Erik Martin as Manganelli Catcher

George Palermo as Mangenelli First Baseman

Christian Sebastiano as Manganelli 2nd Baseman

Bret Ernst as Corino Third Baseman

Albert DeGrasse as Ed's Bar & Swill Player

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