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Black Rainbow

Black Rainbow (1989)

Rating: 5.9 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Black Rainbow. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Rosanna Arquette as Martha Travis

Has previous starred with Dandy Stevenson (2 movies)

Jason Robards as Walter Travis

Tom Hulce as Gary Wallace

Has previous starred with Jason Robards (2 movies)

Mark Joy as Lloyd Harley

Has previous starred with Ed Lillard (3 movies)

Ron Rosenthal as Lieutenant Irving Weinberg

John Bennes as Ted Silas

Has previous starred with Dan Cox (2 movies), Ed Grady (2 movies), Wallace Merck (2 movies), Marty Terry (2 movies), Mark Joy (2 movies), Ed Lillard (2 movies), Rick Warner (3 movies), Mert Hatfield (4 movies)

Linda Pierce as Mary Kuron

Olek Krupa as Tom Kuron

Marty Terry as Mrs. Adams

Ed Grady as Editor, Geoff McBain

Has previous starred with Marty Terry (2 movies), Mert Hatfield (2 movies), Georgia Allen (2 movies), Linda Pierce (2 movies), Rick Warner (2 movies), Wallace Merck (3 movies), Jon Thompson (3 movies)

Jon Thompson as Jack Callow

Helen Baldwin as Eva Callow

Darla N. Warner as Shirley Harley

Christopher L. Gray as Choirmaster

Lucy Williams as Choirlady

Peter Townes as President Hotel, Clerk

Dan Cox as Terminal Hotel, Clerk

Has previous starred with Mert Hatfield (2 movies)

William Brown as Hal Faber

Rick Warner as Editor, Jay Chatwin

Dandy Stevenson as Mrs. Koestler

Georgia Allen as Mrs. Jamais

Brenda Mitchell as Mrs. Dupont

Princess Wilson as Mrs. Kimbler

Mert Hatfield as Mike Braddon

Has previous starred with Judy Simpson (2 movies), Wallace Merck (2 movies), Rick Warner (3 movies)

Wallace Merck as Officer Monroe

Has previous starred with Judy Simpson (2 movies), Marty Terry (2 movies), Dandy Stevenson (2 movies), Jon Thompson (2 movies)

Mary Ratliff as Eunice Dole

Ed Lillard as Pastor on Train

Judy Simpson as Rachel Sachs

Willie Stratford as Railroad Steward

Kay Joiner as Mrs. Prior

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