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Blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaii (1961)

Rating: 6.0 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Blue Hawaii. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Elvis Presley as Chad Gates

Has previous starred with Roland Winters (2 movies), Darlene Tompkins (2 movies), Joan Blackman (2 movies), Pamela Austin (2 movies)

Joan Blackman as Maile Duval

Angela Lansbury as Sarah Lee Gates

Nancy Walters as Abigail Prentice

Roland Winters as Fred Gates

Has previous starred with Iris Adrian (2 movies)

John Archer as Jack Kelman

Has previous starred with Howard McNear (2 movies), Iris Adrian (2 movies)

Howard McNear as Mr. Chapman

Has previous starred with Iris Adrian (2 movies), Roland Winters (2 movies), Darlene Tompkins (2 movies), Ralph Moratz (2 movies), Joan Blackman (2 movies), Elvis Presley (3 movies)

Christian Kay as Beverly Martin

Steve Brodie as Tucker Garvey

Has previous starred with Iris Adrian (2 movies), Elvis Presley (3 movies)

Iris Adrian as Enid Garvey

Hilo Hattie as Waihila

Has previous starred with Tani Marsh (2 movies)

Jenny Maxwell as Ellie Corbett

Pamela Austin as Selena Emerson

Darlene Tompkins as Patsy Simon

Lani Kai as Carl Tanami

Jose De Vega as Ernie Gordon

Frank Atienza as Ito O'Hara

Has previous starred with Elvis Presley (2 movies)

Tiki Hanalei as Ping Pong

Bella Richards as Extra

Debra M. Kawamura as Extra

Donna Juhl as Extra

Elsie Russell as Extra

Irene Mizushima as Waitress

Kate Murtagh as Woman at Party

Ngarua Ngarua as Specialty Dancer

Patti Page as Woman Paddling Canoe Near Hotel

Ralph Moratz as Extra

Has previous starred with Irene Mizushima (2 movies), Angela Lansbury (3 movies)

Tani Marsh as Specialty Dancer

Thomas Glynn as Man at Party

Yolanda Hughes as Extra

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