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Body Slam

Body Slam (1986)

Rating: 5.1 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Body Slam. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Dirk Benedict as M. Harry Smilac

Tanya Roberts as Candace Vandervagen

Roddy Piper as Quick Rick Roberts

Has previous starred with Sione Vailahi (3 movies)

Lou Albano as Capt. Lou Murano

Barry Gordon as Sheldon Brockmeister

Charles Nelson Reilly as Vic Carson

Billy Barty as Tim McClusky

Has previous starred with Ellen Albertini Dow (3 movies), M.G. Kelly (4 movies), Sydney Lassick (5 movies)

John Astin as Scotty

Has previous starred with Barry Gordon (2 movies)

Sam Fatu as Tonga Tom

Dani Janssen as Bitsy Vandervagen

Sydney Lassick as Shapiro

Has previous starred with Ellen Albertini Dow (2 movies)

John Fujioka as Mr. Kim

Has previous starred with Phil Rubenstein (2 movies)

Afa Anoai as The Samoans

Has previous starred with Sika Anoai (2 movies), Roddy Piper (2 movies)

Sika Anoai as The Samoans

Has previous starred with Roddy Piper (2 movies)

Kellie Martin as Missy Roberts

Sione Vailahi as Axe the Cannibal

Tom Kasat as Hammer the Cannibal

Linda Hoy as Convention Center Receptionist

Phil Rubenstein as Tom McMillan

Has previous starred with Linda Hoy (2 movies)

Jack D'Amore as Kick-The Band

Kelley Dillard as Kick-The Band

David Hallowren as Kick-The Band

Bruce Wallenstein as Kick-The Band

Dennis Fimple as Elmo Smithfield

Jeff Knoerle as Little Will Hutchins

Michael B. Moynahan as Pee Wee Hutchins

Ellen Albertini Dow as Organist

Ron Ulstad as Norton Wilshire

M.G. Kelly as T.V. Interviewer

Has previous starred with Sydney Lassick (2 movies)

Valerie Reynolds as Rich Wife

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