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À boire

À boire (2004)

Rating: 4.4 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in À boire. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Emmanuelle Béart as Inès Larue

Edouard Baer as Pierre-Marie Archambault

Has previous starred with Yves Verhoeven (2 movies), Philippe Cotten (2 movies), Marina Foïs (3 movies), Jackie Berroyer (3 movies), Pierre-Louis Lanier (4 movies), Atmen Kelif (7 movies)

Atmen Kelif as Seb Abdal Abbas

Has previous starred with Marina Foïs (2 movies), Pierre-Louis Lanier (4 movies)

Yves Verhoeven as Serge-André

Has previous starred with Emmanuelle Béart (2 movies), Marina Foïs (2 movies)

Jean-Michel Tinivelli as Patrick

Claude Perron as Chantal Guibal

Pierre-Louis Lanier as Réceptionniste

Jackie Berroyer as Yves Guibal

Has previous starred with Philippe Cotten (2 movies), Claude Perron (2 movies), Yves Verhoeven (3 movies)

Marina Foïs as Bénédicte

Bruce Vernin as Clown

Karine Richer as Radiologue

Isabelle Lagarde as Infirmière

Alexandra Carlioz as Hôtesse

Audrey Chareras as Femme de chambre

Jacques Lévy as Docteur Revuz

Barbara Oliz as La masseuse, Adeline

Ludovic Abgrall as Jean-Pierre

Abderrazak Fitas as Nouredine

Elisabeth Merie as Cocotte

Philippe Cotten as Barman boîte de nuit

Bernard Walser as Invité

Christelle Carlier as La femme

Martine Terrini as Evelyne

Marie-Pierre Braisaz as Cliente PM

Chantal Derippe as Dame chic

Simon Soulmana as Baptiste

Donatien Suner as Julien

Has previous starred with Marina Foïs (2 movies)

Roméo Sampaio as Aurélien

Bernadette Guglielmetti as Femme de chambre 1

Fanny Bichard as Femme de chambre 2

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