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Boys (1996)

Rating: 4.8 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Boys. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Winona Ryder as Patty Vare

Lukas Haas as John Baker Jr

Has previous starred with James Le Gros (2 movies), Winona Ryder (3 movies)

John C. Reilly as Officer Kellogg Curry

Has previous starred with Catherine Keener (2 movies)

James Le Gros as Fenton Ray

Has previous starred with Maddie Corman (2 movies), Christopher Pettiet (2 movies), Jessica Harper (2 movies), Catherine Keener (4 movies), Matt Malloy (4 movies)

Skeet Ulrich as Bud Valentine

Matt Malloy as Bartender

Has previous starred with Skeet Ulrich (2 movies), John C. Reilly (2 movies), Maddie Corman (3 movies), Bill Sage (4 movies)

Spencer Vrooman as John Murphy

Charlie Hofheimer as John Cooke

Bill Sage as Officer Bill Martone

Marty McDonough as Teacher

Wiley Wiggins as John Phillips

Russell Young as John Van Slieder

Vivienne Shub as Frances

Christopher Pettiet as Jon Heinz

Catherine Keener as Jilly

Has previous starred with Winona Ryder (3 movies)

Maddie Corman as Liz Curry

Has previous starred with Catherine Keener (4 movies)

Andy Davis as Jonathan Marco

Jessica Harper as Mrs. John Baker

Chris Cooper as Mr. John Baker

Has previous starred with Catherine Keener (4 movies)

David Newsom as Curt

James Gardiner as Kellogg Curry Jr

Cheryl Goode as Beer Girl

John J. Fitzpatrick as Steve Hunt

Gregorio Rosenblum as Dr. Paz

Miranda Syp as Ellen Vare

Rob Carlton as Tom Vare

John Reeves as Phil Rains, Esq

Carter McNeese as Floor Waxer

Angela Hall as Officer Julie Leroux

Has previous starred with Jessica Harper (2 movies)

Bob Moore as Officer Darryl Cane

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