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Cage Free

Cage Free (2010)

Rating: 7.2 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Cage Free. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Masayuki Imai as Makoto TanaKa

Has previous starred with Cameron Van Hoy (3 movies)

Dee Wallace as Mrs. Maclean

Robert Miano as Detective Gonzalez

Has previous starred with Dee Wallace (2 movies), Cameron Van Hoy (2 movies), Mike Zehr (3 movies), Gia Bay (3 movies)

Tom Hallick as Masters

Gia Bay as Jennifer Masters

Cameron Van Hoy as Harper

Eastwood Eastwood as Eastwood

Vida Harlow as Tracy

Aaron Prejean as Director

Ben Tashima as Detective

Brian Kruse as Band

Capt'n Bob as Detective

Has previous starred with Edmond Choi (2 movies), Patrick Johnson (2 movies), Hedo Davis (3 movies), Vida Harlow (4 movies)

Cory Patt as Stoner Kid

Doc Doc as Cop

Earle Mac Veigh as Businessman

Edmond Choi as Maclean

Has previous starred with Vida Harlow (2 movies), Gia Bay (2 movies), Hedo Davis (3 movies), Patrick Johnson (3 movies)

Fabiano Iha as Henson

Has previous starred with Robert Miano (2 movies)

Hedo Davis as Adams

Has previous starred with Mariano Mendoza (2 movies), Robert Miano (2 movies), Vida Harlow (3 movies), Patrick Johnson (3 movies), Gia Bay (3 movies)

Jehiel Worthwealth as Masters Assistant

Karla Gonzalez as Satalite

Kathern Scott as Interviewer

Lisa Wall as Cop

Luis Dalmasy Jr. as NY Luie

Has previous starred with Natalie Burn (2 movies)

Mariano Mendoza as Harper's Accomplice

Has previous starred with Gia Bay (2 movies), Robert Miano (3 movies)

Mike Zehr as Clerk

Has previous starred with Sachiko Ishida (2 movies), Natalie Burn (2 movies)

Natalie Burn as Yoga

Patrick Johnson as John - Dollyman

Has previous starred with Vida Harlow (2 movies), Gia Bay (2 movies)

Ruka Felicity Nagashima as Young Girl

Sachiko Ishida as Geek

Victoria Domnick as Sylvia

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