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Call Me Agostino

Call Me Agostino (2006)

Rating: 4.6 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Call Me Agostino. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Jeanne Balibar as Marianne Beaudessin

Has previous starred with Hélène Fillières (2 movies), Esther Gorintin (2 movies)

Hélène Fillières as Hélène

Martin Wuttke as Agostino Stone

Jean-Pierre Cassel as Adrien Beaudessin

Has previous starred with André Oumansky (2 movies), Jeanne Balibar (3 movies)

Joaquin Olarreaga as Blaise

Rafael Zyss as Lucas

Maurice Garrel as L'oncle veuf

Has previous starred with André Oumansky (2 movies), Huguette Maillard (5 movies)

Esther Gorintin as Marie

Huguette Maillard as Zé

Has previous starred with Carolkim Tran (2 movies)

Carolkim Tran as Audrey

Sophie Mayer as Lydie

Patrick Conde as Le comptable

Ludmilla Ryba as La voyante

Jean Narboni as Le docteur Bise

Has previous starred with Jeanne Balibar (2 movies)

Uma Ysamat as Luz

André Oumansky as Le patron de l'hôtel

Has previous starred with Jean-Marc Stehlé (2 movies)

Jean-François Lapalus as Patron librairie

Myriam Lapalus as Jumelle 1

Julie Lapalus as Jumelle 2

Serge Catoire as L'amant de Luz

Has previous starred with Joaquin Olarreaga (2 movies)

Jean-Marc Stehlé as L'ami d'enfance d'Adrien

Philippe Marteau as Le garçon de café

Edith Albertini as La guide traductrice

Vivien Andasse as Le réceptionniste

José Exposito as Le déménageur

Has previous starred with Sophie Mayer (2 movies)

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