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Camping à la ferme

Camping à la ferme (2005)

Rating: 5.5 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Camping à la ferme. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Roschdy Zem as Amar

Rafik Ben Mebarek as Jean-Rachid

Jean-Noël Cridlig-Veneziano as Luigi

Hassan Ouled-Bouarif as Larbi

Yves Michel as David

Aghmane Ibersiene as Assane

Marc Mamadou as Bouba

Nadine Marcovici as La mairesse

Jean-François Stévenin as Gaston

Has previous starred with Nadine Marcovici (2 movies), Roschdy Zem (3 movies)

Julie Delarme as Anaïs

Dominique Pinon as Rodolphe

Has previous starred with Jean-François Stévenin (2 movies)

Mickaël Masclet as Léo

Has previous starred with Roschdy Zem (2 movies)

Linda Bouhenni as Cindy

Jean-Paul Bonnaire as Jacky

Has previous starred with Jean-Claude Frissung (2 movies), Dominique Pinon (3 movies), Jean-François Stévenin (7 movies)

Bruno Lochet as Bébert

Has previous starred with Julie Gayet (2 movies), Loïc Varraut (2 movies), Julie Delarme (2 movies), Dominique Pinon (4 movies)

Julie Gayet as La juge

Jean-Claude Frissung as Le prêtre

Has previous starred with Mickaël Masclet (2 movies), Roschdy Zem (2 movies), Nadine Marcovici (2 movies), François Sinapi (3 movies), Dominique Pinon (3 movies)

Robert Rollis as Monsieur "72 moissons"

Michel Fortin as Raymond

Has previous starred with Jean-Claude Frissung (2 movies), Robert Rollis (2 movies), Jean-François Stévenin (2 movies), Jacques Giraud (2 movies)

Daniel Tonachella as Le mari cuistot

Franck Marion as Le moniteur

François Sinapi as Le Boucher

Has previous starred with Nadine Marcovici (3 movies)

Jacques Giraud as Le patron de café

Loïc Varraut as Le journaliste

Luc Périmony as L'ingénieur du son

Noël Lafon as L'habitant cité

Olivier Paturet as Le cameraman

Pasquale D'Inca as Le Brigadier

Has previous starred with Loïc Varraut (2 movies), Roschdy Zem (2 movies), Dominique Pinon (2 movies)

Régis Poullain as Le journaliste présentateur JT

Valérie Crouzet as La Bouchère

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