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Coffin Baby

Coffin Baby (2013)

Rating: 3.1 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Coffin Baby. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Bruce Dern as Vance Henrickson

Has previous starred with Ethan Phillips (2 movies), Christopher Doyle (3 movies)

Brian Krause as Detective Chad Cole

Clifton Powell as Detective S. Jackson

Chauntal Lewis as Samantha Forester

Ethan Phillips as Coroner B. Jones

Ron Chaney as Detective L. Wehage

Isabelle Fretheim as Sabrina Forester

Kyle Morris as Freddy Lowe

Has previous starred with Edgar Allan Poe IV (2 movies), Whitnie Mauney (2 movies), Erin Blaisdell (5 movies)

Christopher Doyle as Coffin Baby

Edgar Allan Poe IV as Coroner B. Gates

Allison Kyler as Amy Weinstein

Has previous starred with Chauntal Lewis (2 movies)

Whitney Anderson as Winter Jones

Starr Jones as Detective J. Cagney, Swat team member

Chance Harlem Jr. as Travis D. Washington

Has previous starred with Clifton Powell (2 movies)

Holmes Lindsay IV as Luther F. Whitker

Mychal Thompson as Rodney W. Smith

Wil Philip as Detective L. Olivier

Anthony Batarse as Saw victim

William Lee as Officer Bruce Lee

Cameron Lee as T. Scott

Erin Blaisdell as Victim

Chris Miller as Christopher Robin

Douglas Tait as CB double

Has previous starred with Whitney Anderson (2 movies)

Ryan Kaercher as Jack Black

Logan Horberg as Officer Horberg

Has previous starred with Kyle Morris (2 movies), Erin Blaisdell (2 movies)

Lianne Spiderbaby as Very Dead Girl

Whitnie Mauney as Human

Al Voikides as Asst. SWAT Team Leader

Mike James as LAPD detective

Rodney Brown as LA County Coroner

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