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Comme des frères

Comme des frères (2012)

Rating: 6.4 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Comme des frères. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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François-Xavier Demaison as Boris

Has previous starred with Florence Thomassin (2 movies), Micheline Presle (2 movies), Philippe Laudenbach (2 movies), Cécile Cassel (3 movies), Lannick Gautry (3 movies)

Nicolas Duvauchelle as Elie

Has previous starred with Florence Thomassin (2 movies), Nathalie Roussel (2 movies), Mélanie Thierry (3 movies)

Pierre Niney as Maxime

Mélanie Thierry as Charlie

Has previous starred with Florence Thomassin (2 movies)

Florence Thomassin as Line

Cécile Cassel as Jeanne

Has previous starred with Mélanie Thierry (2 movies)

Micheline Presle as La grand-mère

Philippe Laudenbach as Le grand-père

Has previous starred with Pierre Niney (2 movies)

Jacques Frantz as Pierre

Has previous starred with Micheline Presle (2 movies), Patrice Melennec (3 movies)

Lannick Gautry as Vassily

Has previous starred with Patrice Melennec (2 movies), Guillaume Mélanie (2 movies), Cécile Cassel (2 movies), Philippe Laudenbach (2 movies)

Flore Bonaventura as Cassandre

Jean-François Cayrey as Gendarme

Diane Pierens as La mère de Charlie

Magali Caillot as Miss Liberty

Patrick Dross as Chauffeur bus

Guillaume Mélanie as Gendarme 'j'te beurre'

Has previous starred with Cécile Cassel (2 movies)

Patrice Melennec as Gardien

Has previous starred with Guillaume Mélanie (2 movies), Micheline Presle (2 movies), Cécile Cassel (3 movies)

Nathalie Roussel as La mère d'Elie

Emy Lévy as Soeur d'Elie

Pablo Beugnet as Roméo

Richard Chevallier as Le père de Roméo

Has previous starred with Patrice Melennec (2 movies)

Guillaume Bouchède as Chanteur karaoké

Has previous starred with François-Xavier Demaison (2 movies)

Cindy Tempez as Serveuse Forty

Thomas Darmon as Guitariste karaoké

Pierre-Ange Le Pogam as Louis des Chanelles, le directeur du théâtre

Has previous starred with Florence Thomassin (2 movies)

Natacha Kossmann as Assistante directeur

Katharina Kowalewski as L'Allemande

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