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Complices (2009)

Rating: 6.7 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Complices. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Gilbert Melki as Hervé Cagan

Has previous starred with Cécile Marroco (2 movies), Emmanuelle Devos (3 movies)

Emmanuelle Devos as Inspecteur Karine Mangin

Has previous starred with Yeelem Jappain (2 movies), Anne Loiret (2 movies)

Cyril Descours as Vincent Bouvier

Has previous starred with Olivier Guéritée (2 movies), Joana Preiss (3 movies)

Nina Meurisse as Rebecca Legendre

Joana Preiss as Esther, la mère de Rebecca

Jeremy Azencott as Nicolas Bianchini

Jérémy Kapone as Thomas

Has previous starred with Joana Preiss (2 movies)

Marc Rioufol as Jean-Paul Tardieu

Has previous starred with Valérie Lang (2 movies)

Yeelem Jappain as Belen

Eric Laugérias as Yves Cagan

Serge Larivière as L'homme mûr de l'hôtel

Has previous starred with Clara Ponsot (2 movies), Anne Loiret (2 movies)

Anne Loiret as L'avocate

Fred Epaud as L'homme d'affaires de l'hôtel

Has previous starred with Brigitte Chambon (2 movies), Emmanuelle Devos (2 movies), Valérie Lang (2 movies)

Valérie Lang as Laurence

Jean-Pierre Sanchez as Karim

Clara Ponsot as Lola

Olivier Guéritée as Mikaël

Pierre Mifsud as Le médecin légiste

Brigitte Chambon as La mère de Vincent

Laetitia Dosch as La soeur de Vincent

Nina Rodriguez as Nina

Christophe Carry as Le photographe IJ

Virginia Anderson as La pharmacienne

Has previous starred with Clara Ponsot (2 movies), Emmanuelle Devos (2 movies)

Cédric Monnet as Le client du hammam

Cécile Marroco as Serveuse

Has previous starred with Clara Ponsot (2 movies)

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