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Das doppelte Lottchen

Das doppelte Lottchen (1950)

Rating: 7.1 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Das doppelte Lottchen. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Antje Weisgerber as Luiselotte Körner

Peter Mosbacher as Ludwig Palfy, Opernkapellmeister

Has previous starred with Senta Berger (2 movies), Liesl Karlstadt (2 movies)

Jutta Günther as Lotte Körner

Has previous starred with Antje Weisgerber (2 movies)

Isa Günther as Luise Palfy

Has previous starred with Antje Weisgerber (2 movies), Jutta Günther (11 movies)

Senta Wengraf as Irene Gerlach

Hans Olden as Hofrat Strobl

Has previous starred with Senta Wengraf (2 movies), Maria Krahn (2 movies), Gustav Waldau (3 movies), Gertrud Wolle (3 movies), Auguste Pünkösdy (5 movies)

Auguste Pünkösdy as Resi

Maria Krahn as Frau Muthesius

Has previous starred with Gertrud Wolle (3 movies)

Gustav Waldau

Has previous starred with Gertrud Wolle (3 movies), Liesl Karlstadt (4 movies), Auguste Pünkösdy (4 movies), Hertha von Hagen (10 movies)

Liesl Karlstadt as Frau Wagenthaler

Has previous starred with Gaby Philipp (2 movies), Gertrud Wolle (4 movies)

Inge Rosenberg as Fräulein Ulrike

Gaby Philipp as Fräulein Gerda

Walter Ladengast as Herr Gabele

Has previous starred with Peter Mosbacher (2 movies), Rudolf Rhomberg (2 movies), Auguste Pünkösdy (2 movies), Hans Olden (3 movies), Maria Krahn (4 movies), Gertrud Wolle (4 movies)

Gertrud Wolle as Fräulein Linnekogel

Hertha von Hagen

Liselotte Berker

Rudolf Rhomberg as Photograph

Has previous starred with Gustav Waldau (2 movies), Hertha von Hagen (2 movies), Senta Berger (2 movies), Liesl Karlstadt (2 movies), Maria Krahn (2 movies)

Gerda Sommerschuh

Ina Gerhein

Katja Sabo

Paul Kuen

Friedrich Bender

Erich Kästner as Erzähler

Has previous starred with Hans Olden (2 movies)

Senta Berger as Extra

Has previous starred with Maria Krahn (2 movies), Isa Günther (2 movies), Jutta Günther (2 movies), Antje Weisgerber (2 movies)

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