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David & Fatima

David & Fatima (2008)

Rating: 5.7 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in David & Fatima. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Cameron Van Hoy as David Isaac

Danielle Duvale as Fatima Aziz

Martin Landau as Rabbi Schmulic

Has previous starred with Yareli Arizmendi (2 movies), Silvia Spross (2 movies), Robert Miano (3 movies)

Allan Kolman as Benny Isaac

Anthony Batarse as Ishmael Aziz

Has previous starred with John Bryant (2 movies), Merik Tadros (2 movies), Joey Naber (4 movies)

Yareli Arizmendi as Aiida Aziz

Colette Kilroy as Sarah Isaac

Tony Curtis as Mr. Schwartz

Has previous starred with Robert Miano (3 movies)

Merik Tadros as Hassan Faraj

Sascha Knopf as Tami Isaac

Ben Knight as Avi Weinstein

Michael Yavnielli as IDF Recruitment Officer

Joey Naber as Christian Priest

Ismael Kanater as Imam

John Bryant as IDF Soldier

Has previous starred with Joey Naber (2 movies)

Sam Feuer as IDF Officer Cohen

Has previous starred with Merik Tadros (2 movies)

Robert Miano as Dr. Levi

Has previous starred with Cameron Van Hoy (2 movies), Vincent Rivera (2 movies), Silvia Spross (19 movies)

Ben Maccabee as Israeli Police Officer

Has previous starred with Silvia Spross (2 movies), Robert Miano (5 movies)

Joseph Eid as Mahmoud Faraj

Sophie Texeira as Young Fatima Aziz

Makayla Leone as Belly Dancer

Sarah Gombia as Belly Dancer

Ariana Richmond as Belly Dancer

Vincent Rivera as Moroccan Waiter

Has previous starred with Sophie Texeira (2 movies), Silvia Spross (2 movies)

Silvia Spross as Nurse Levi

Anthony Pearce as IDF Soldier at Gate

Hector Penate as Rashid Raffi

Isamu Himura as Israeli Park Police Officer

Mark Finney as IDF Officer

Has previous starred with Anthony Pearce (2 movies)

Barbara Garabedian as Palestinian Clinic Patient

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