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De force

De force (2011)

Rating: 4.1 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in De force. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Isabelle Adjani as Commissaire Clara Damico

Eric Cantona as Manuel Makarov

Has previous starred with Franck Gastambide (2 movies), Kafka Kafka (2 movies), Thierry Frémont (2 movies), Stéphane Ferrara (2 movies), Cyril Lecomte (3 movies)

Simon Abkarian as Jimi Weiss

Has previous starred with Thierry Frémont (2 movies), Roger Knobelspiess (2 movies), Linh Dan Pham (2 movies), Eric Laugérias (2 movies), Jean-François Stévenin (2 movies), Jacques Boudet (3 movies), Slimane Dazi (3 movies), Cédric Klapisch (6 movies)

Thierry Frémont as Lieutenant Serge Minot

Has previous starred with Jean-François Stévenin (2 movies), Serge Riaboukine (2 movies)

Anne Consigny as Procureure Danielle Canetti

Linh Dan Pham as Ahn

Slimane Dazi as Farid Boujima

Has previous starred with Cyril Lecomte (2 movies), Anne Consigny (2 movies), Jean-François Stévenin (3 movies)

Cyril Lecomte as Antoine Giudicelli

Has previous starred with Anne Consigny (2 movies), Serge Riaboukine (2 movies)

Jean-François Stévenin as Greg Leduc

Has previous starred with Isabelle Adjani (3 movies), Pierre Stévenin (3 movies)

Serge Riaboukine as Colonel Damico

Has previous starred with Jean-François Stévenin (2 movies), Valérie Leboutte (2 movies), Hervé Sogne (3 movies)

Pierre Stévenin as Cyril Damico

Jacques Boudet as Jacques de Saint-Amont

Has previous starred with Thierry Frémont (2 movies), Cédric Klapisch (2 movies), Eric Cantona (2 movies), Stéphane Ferrara (2 movies), Serge Riaboukine (4 movies)

Stéphane Ferrara as Kader Benassa

Has previous starred with Valérie Leboutte (2 movies), Jean-François Stévenin (2 movies)

Michel Cosnard as Directeur aéroport

Kafka Kafka as Albert Médinot

Eric Laugérias as Taulard rabouin

Jean-François Lucianni as Patron du relais château

Roger Knobelspiess as Négociateur GIPN : Docteur Mayer

Has previous starred with Serge Riaboukine (2 movies), Jean-François Stévenin (2 movies), Pierre Stévenin (2 movies)

Hervé Sogne as Lieutenant Bordier

Has previous starred with Marc Zinga (2 movies), Jean-Michel Vovk (2 movies), Jean-François Stévenin (3 movies)

Paul Personne as Paul Personne

Cédric Klapisch as Cameo

Valérie Leboutte as Chantal Médinot

Didier Chamizo as Directeur CPI

Guy Robert as Juge pour enfants

Has previous starred with Hervé Sogne (2 movies), Marc Zinga (2 movies), Norbert Rutili (3 movies)

Michel de Warzee as Le DPJ

Marc Zinga as Dimitri Bonenfant

Has previous starred with Linh Dan Pham (2 movies)

Norbert Rutili as Avocat Cyril

Has previous starred with Jean-Michel Vovk (2 movies), Marc Zinga (3 movies), Hervé Sogne (10 movies)

Gabri et Azri des Boogie Balagan as Agent de change

Jean-Michel Vovk as Chef GIGN

Has previous starred with Marc Zinga (2 movies)

Franck Gastambide as Casquette Nike

Has previous starred with Kafka Kafka (3 movies)

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