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Dead Bang

Dead Bang (1989)

Rating: 6.0 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Dead Bang. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Don Johnson as Jerry Beck

Has previous starred with Mickey Jones (2 movies)

Penelope Ann Miller as Linda

William Forsythe as Arthur Kressler

Has previous starred with Garwin Sanford (2 movies), Ron Jeremy (2 movies), Penelope Ann Miller (3 movies), Mickey Jones (3 movies)

Bob Balaban as Elliot Webly

Has previous starred with Michael Jeter (2 movies), Tiger Haynes (2 movies)

Frank Military as Bobby Burns

Tate Donovan as John Burns

Has previous starred with William Forsythe (2 movies)

Antoni Stutz as Ray

Mickey Jones as Sleepy

Ron Campbell as Crossfield

Has previous starred with Tim Reid (2 movies), Mic Rodgers (2 movies)

William Traylor as Elton Tremmel

Hy Anzell as Captain Waxman

Has previous starred with Bob Balaban (2 movies), Michael Higgins (2 movies)

Michael Jeter as Dr. Krantz

Has previous starred with Mickey Jones (2 movies), Brad Sullivan (2 movies)

Tim Reid as Chief Dixon

James B. Douglas as Agent Gilroy

Brad Sullivan as Chief Hillard

Phyllis Guerrini as Louisa

Darwyn Swalve as Biker #1

David H. 'Dutch' Van Dalsem as Biker #2

Ron Jeremy as Biker #3

Sam Scarber as Detective Bilson

Mic Rodgers as Sergeant Kimble

Tiger Haynes as Edwin Gates

Has previous starred with Penelope Ann Miller (2 movies)

Garwin Sanford as Officer #1

Has previous starred with William S. Taylor (2 movies)

Lon Katzman as Officer #2

Daniel Quinn as James 'Hard Rock' Ellis

Jarion Monroe as L.A.P.D. Officer

Ricardo Ascencio as Ponchito

William S. Taylor as Officer Franklin

Trudy Forbes as Female Officer

Michael Higgins as Reverend Gebhardt

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