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Der Zauberberg

Der Zauberberg (1982)

Rating: 6.6 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Der Zauberberg. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Werner Eichhorn as Narrator

Has previous starred with Beate Tober (2 movies), Kurt Raab (2 movies), Irm Hermann (3 movies), Rolf Zacher (4 movies)

Rod Steiger as Mynheer Peperkorn

Has previous starred with Marie-France Pisier (2 movies)

Marie-France Pisier as Clawdia Chauchat

Flavio Bucci as Ludovico Settembrini

Christoph Eichhorn as Hans Castorp

Has previous starred with Helmut Griem (2 movies), Kurt Raab (2 movies), Irm Hermann (3 movies)

Hans Christian Blech as Hofrat Behrens

Has previous starred with Helmut Griem (2 movies), Christoph Eichhorn (2 movies), Rod Steiger (3 movies)

Alexander Radszun as Joachim Ziemßen

Margot Hielscher as Frau Stöhr

Has previous starred with Evelyn Künneke (2 movies)

Gudrun Gabriel as Frl. Marusja

Has previous starred with Margot Hielscher (2 movies)

Ann Zacharias as Frl. Elly

Irm Hermann as Frl. Engelhart

Has previous starred with Leslie Malton (2 movies), Beate Tober (2 movies), Renate Muhri (2 movies), Evelyn Künneke (2 movies)

Kurt Raab as Dr. Krokowski

Has previous starred with Evelyn Künneke (2 movies), Alexander Radszun (2 movies), Renate Reiche (2 movies), Rolf Zacher (4 movies), Irm Hermann (15 movies)

Rolf Zacher as Herr Wehsal

Has previous starred with Erika Skrotzki (2 movies), Evelyn Künneke (2 movies), Angelika Kraml (2 movies), Renate Muhri (3 movies), Irm Hermann (3 movies)

Helmut Griem as James Tienappel

Has previous starred with Evelyn Künneke (2 movies), Rod Steiger (2 movies)

Angelika Kraml as Saaltochter

Beate Tober as Leila Gerngroß

Elfie Six as Saaltochter

Erika Skrotzki as Oberin Mylendonk

Eva Schär

Evelyn Künneke as Frau Salomon

Hazel Usher as Fräulein Robinson

Jenny Theelen as Tous les deux

Léonie Thelen as Karen Karstedt

Leslie Malton as Hermine Kleefeld

Lisa Manus as Amy's Freundin

Maria Manni as 2. Hexe

Monika Ullemeyer as Zwergin Emerentia

Renate Muhri as Russische Ehefrau

Renate Reiche

Roswitha Koennecke as Frau Stravinski

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