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Det bli'r i familien

Det bli'r i familien (1993)

Rating: 5.9 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Det bli'r i familien. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Philip Zandén as Jan

Has previous starred with Helene Egelund (2 movies), Ghita Nørby (4 movies)

Ghita Nørby as Jan's mother

Has previous starred with Charlotte Sieling (2 movies), Bodil Udsen (8 movies)

Ernst-Hugo Järegård as Håkon Borelius

Has previous starred with Helene Egelund (2 movies)

Ana Padrão as Constanca

Anna Wing as The Grandmother

Bodil Udsen as Ingrid

Filipe Ferrer as Frederico

Has previous starred with Ana Padrão (2 movies), Laurinda Ferreira (3 movies), Alexandre Melo (3 movies), Cecília Guimarães (3 movies), Adelaide João (4 movies), Isabel de Castro (6 movies)

Claus Nissen as The Taxidriver

Has previous starred with Birgitte Simonsen (2 movies), Charlotte Sieling (2 movies)

Charlotte Sieling as Nurse

Birgitte Simonsen as Elisabeth

Ann Christine Simonsen as Eva

Henrik Larsen as Bedemand

Has previous starred with Claus Nissen (2 movies), Philip Zandén (2 movies), Helene Egelund (2 movies), Ghita Nørby (2 movies), Charlotte Sieling (2 movies)

Helene Egelund as Lena

Has previous starred with Bodil Udsen (2 movies), Birgitte Simonsen (2 movies)

Isabel de Castro as Abbedisse

Has previous starred with Ana Padrão (2 movies), Cecília Guimarães (3 movies), Laurinda Ferreira (4 movies), Adelaide João (4 movies)

Laurinda Ferreira as Hotel Receptionist

Has previous starred with Cecília Guimarães (2 movies)

Ali Esfahani as Ali

Cecília Guimarães as Psychiatry patient

Has previous starred with Adelaide João (3 movies)

Alexandre Melo as Psychiatrist

Adelaide João as Maid

Has previous starred with Ana Padrão (2 movies)

Troels Asmussen as Kokkeelev

Maayan Rachel Amiel as Young maid

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