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Deux hommes dans Manhattan

Deux hommes dans Manhattan (1959)

Rating: 6.8 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Deux hommes dans Manhattan. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Pierre Grasset as Pierre Delmas

Christiane Eudes as Anne Fèvre-Berthier

Ginger Hall as Judith Nelson

Colette Fleury as Françoise Bonnot

Has previous starred with Alexandra Stewart (2 movies)

Monique Hennessy as Gloria

Glenda Leigh as Virgiia Graham

Jean Darcante as Rouvier

Michèle Bailly as Bessie Reed

Paula Dehelly as Mme. Fèvre-Berthier

Nancy Delorme

Carole Sands

Gloria Kayser as Une fille

Barbara Hall

Monica Ford

Billy Beck as Le partenaire de Judith Nelson sur scène

Deya Kent

Carl Studer as Le sergent de police au snack

Has previous starred with Paula Dehelly (2 movies), Monique Hennessy (2 movies), Ginger Hall (2 movies)

Hyman Yanovitz as Le gardien du Mercury Theatre

Ro. Tetelman as Le 'bar tendor'

Has previous starred with Yvette Amirante (2 movies), Jannick Arvel (2 movies), Colette Fleury (2 movies)

Art Simmons as Le pianiste de Virginia Graham

Jerry Mengo as Leslie McKimmie

Has previous starred with Ginger Hall (2 movies)

Jean Lara as Aubert

Has previous starred with Jannick Arvel (2 movies)

Jean-Pierre Melville as Moreau

Has previous starred with Ro. Tetelman (2 movies), Yvette Amirante (2 movies), Jannick Arvel (2 movies), Colette Fleury (2 movies)

Alexandra Stewart as Bit

Bernard Hulin as Le trompettiste à la Pike Slip Inn

Billy Kearns as L'homme de la sécurité à la Ridgewood Tavern

Has previous starred with Jean Lara (2 movies), Ginger Hall (2 movies), Alexandra Stewart (3 movies), Paula Dehelly (3 movies), Carl Studer (7 movies)

Jannick Arvel as Fille

Has previous starred with Colette Fleury (2 movies)

Martial Solal as Le pianiste à la Pike Slip Inn

Yannick Philouze as Une secrétaire

Yvette Amirante as La copine d'Anne

Has previous starred with Jannick Arvel (2 movies), Colette Fleury (2 movies)

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