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Die endlose Nacht

Die endlose Nacht (1963)

Rating: 7.4 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Die endlose Nacht. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Karin Hübner as Lisa

Louise Martini as Mascha

Harald Leipnitz as Wolfgang Spitz

Has previous starred with Werner Peters (2 movies), Karin Hübner (2 movies), Narziß Sokatscheff (2 movies), Gerda Blisse (2 movies), Bruce Low (2 movies), Hannelore Elsner (3 movies), Wolfgang Spier (3 movies)

Hannelore Elsner as Silvia Stössi

Has previous starred with Korinna Rahls (3 movies)

Bruce Low as John McLeod

Has previous starred with Wolfgang Neuss (2 movies)

Alexandra Stewart as Juanita

Werner Peters as Herbert

Has previous starred with Narziß Sokatscheff (2 movies), Oscar Sabo (2 movies)

Walter Buschhoff as Ernst Kramer

Has previous starred with Fritz Rémond Jr. (2 movies), Wolfgang Spier (2 movies), Karin Hübner (2 movies), Hannelore Elsner (2 movies), Paul Esser (3 movies), Harald Leipnitz (3 movies)

Lore Hartling as Frau Achtel

Wolfgang Spier as Dr. Achtel

Has previous starred with Karin Hübner (2 movies)

Oscar Sabo

Has previous starred with Lore Hartling (2 movies)

Hans Hardt

Fritz Rémond Jr. as Emil Stoltmann

Has previous starred with Hannelore Elsner (2 movies)

Wanda Warska as Sängerin

Andrzej-Trzaskowskí-Quintett Andrzej-Trzaskowskí-Quintett as Jazz-Quintett

Mario Adorf as Juanitas Bekannter

Has previous starred with Fritz Rémond Jr. (2 movies), Gerda Blisse (2 movies), Narziß Sokatscheff (2 movies), Harald Leipnitz (2 movies), Walter Buschhoff (2 movies), Werner Peters (4 movies), Hannelore Elsner (6 movies)

Wolfgang Neuss as Bowlingbahnangestellter Wolfgang

Has previous starred with Gerda Blisse (2 movies), Fritz Rémond Jr. (2 movies), Werner Peters (2 movies), Oscar Sabo (3 movies)

Rolf Hädrich as Kneipenwirt

Gerda Blisse as Frau Kramer

Korinna Rahls as Mausi

Narziß Sokatscheff as Renzo

Has previous starred with Karin Hübner (2 movies), Gerda Blisse (3 movies)

Paul Esser as J. M. Schreiber

Has previous starred with Gerda Blisse (2 movies), Hannelore Elsner (2 movies), Oscar Sabo (3 movies), Harald Leipnitz (3 movies), Wolfgang Neuss (3 movies), Werner Peters (6 movies)

Recha Jungmann as Pauline

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