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Disc Jockey

Disc Jockey (1951)

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Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Disc Jockey. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Ginny Simms as Vickie Peters

Tom Drake as Johnny

Jane Nigh as Marion

Michael O'Shea as Mike Richards

Has previous starred with Jane Nigh (2 movies)

Lenny Kent as Happy

Russ Morgan as Russ Morgan

Has previous starred with Joe Venuti (2 movies)

Tommy Dorsey as Tommy Dorsey

Has previous starred with Ginny Simms (2 movies), Ben Pollack (2 movies)

George Shearing as George Shearing

Nick Lucas as Nick Lucas

Herb Jeffries as Herb Jeffries

Has previous starred with Sarah Vaughan (2 movies), Red Norvo (2 movies)

Sarah Vaughan as Sarah Vaughan

The Weavers as Singers

Jerome Cowan as Marley

Has previous starred with Tom Drake (2 movies)

Jack Fina as Jack Fina

Vido Musso as Vido Musso

Red Nichols as Red Nichols

Red Norvo as Red Norvo

Has previous starred with Foy Willing (2 movies)

Ben Pollack as Ben Pollack

Joe Venuti as Joe Venuti

Foy Willing as Foy Willing

Riders of the Purple Sage as The Riders of the Purple Sage

Has previous starred with Foy Willing (24 movies)

Martin Block as Disc Jockey

Has previous starred with Ginny Simms (2 movies)

Joe Adams as Disc Jockey

Joe Allison as Disc Jockey

Bill Anson as Disc Jockey

Doug Arthur as Disc Jockey

Don Bell as Disc Jockey

Paul Brenner as Disc Jockey

Bob Clayton as Disc Jockey

Paul Dixon as Disc Jockey

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