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Discount (2014)

Rating: 6.4 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Discount. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Olivier Barthelemy as Gilles

Has previous starred with Zabou Breitman (2 movies), Eric Paul (2 movies), Mathilde Braure (2 movies)

Corinne Masiero as Christiane Gendron

Has previous starred with Annie-France Poli (2 movies)

Pascal Demolon as Alfred

Has previous starred with Julien Ratel (2 movies), Corinne Masiero (2 movies)

Sarah Suco as Emma

M'Barek Belkouk as Momo

Has previous starred with Sarah Suco (2 movies), Corinne Masiero (2 movies)

Pablo Pauly as Hervé

Tanguy Onakoy as Walid

Zabou Breitman as Sofia Benhaoui

Francesco Casisa as Francesco

Hafid F. Benamar as Abril

Ethan Deschepper as Mathieu

Yves Verhoeven as Le capitaine de gendarmerie

Jean Bediebe as M'Bindo

Romain Limpens as Romain

Has previous starred with Pablo Pauly (2 movies)

Fattouma Ousliha Bouamari as Madame Benhaoui

Xavier Robic as A. Vareille - le chef de réseau

Has previous starred with Zabou Breitman (2 movies), Corinne Masiero (2 movies)

Jean-Jacques Grimblat as Arnaud

Julien Ratel as Le comptable

Thibault Jarry as Le banquier

Rachid Boudia as Rachid

Annie-France Poli as L'assistante maternelle

Xavier Memeteau as Le livreur de Discount

Has previous starred with Eric Paul (2 movies)

Jeremy Zylberberg as Le brigadier

Gaëlle Gauthier as L'assistante du chef de réseau

Eric Paul as L'homme en costume cravate

Has previous starred with Corinne Masiero (2 movies), Mathilde Braure (4 movies)

Mathilde Braure as L'huissier de justice

Has previous starred with Corinne Masiero (4 movies)

Julia Malinbaum as Une employée du Discount

Raphaël Bedrossian as Un employé du Discount

Ludivine Rebiffe as Une employée du Discount

Odile Grandchamps as Une employée du Discount

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