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Dixie Dynamite

Dixie Dynamite (1976)

Rating: 5.0 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Dixie Dynamite. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Warren Oates as Mack

Christopher George as Sheriff Phil Marsh

Jane Anne Johnstone as Dixie

Kathy McHaley as Patsy

Stanley Adams as Dade McCrutchen

Has previous starred with Christopher George (2 movies), Wes Bishop (2 movies), Alan Caillou (3 movies), Steve McQueen (3 movies)

R.G. Armstrong as Charlie White - Bank President

Has previous starred with John Bliss (2 movies), Steve McQueen (2 movies), Wes Bishop (2 movies), Phil Hoover (2 movies), Conlan Carter (2 movies), Christopher George (3 movies), Warren Oates (4 movies)

Phil Hoover as IRS Agent

Has previous starred with Warren Oates (2 movies), Marland Proctor (10 movies)

Mark Miller as Tom Eldridge

Wes Bishop as Deputy Frank

Has previous starred with Dorothy Konrad (2 movies), Ralph Campbell (2 movies), Warren Oates (2 movies), John Bliss (4 movies), Marland Proctor (5 movies), Roger Gentry (5 movies), Lee Frost (7 movies), Phil Hoover (9 movies)

Conlan Carter as Mr. Cyrus the Auctioneer

Dorothy Konrad as Nellie the Bartender

Cheryl Ann Jensen as Mrs. Lacy - Market Owner

Roger Gentry as Kawasaki Dealer

Has previous starred with Phil Hoover (3 movies), Marland Proctor (8 movies)

Bud Davis as Chauffeur

Ralph Campbell as Old Jack

Has previous starred with Marland Proctor (2 movies), Phil Hoover (3 movies)

John Bliss as Mortician

Has previous starred with Ralph Campbell (2 movies), Phil Hoover (3 movies), Lee Frost (3 movies), Roger Gentry (4 movies)

Marland Proctor as Assistant

Alan Caillou as Englishman

Ben Pfeiffer as Gateway Car Deputy

Agnes DiRosa as Slow Driving Couple

Ernest DiRosa as Slow Driving Couple

Lee Frost as Pathologist

Has previous starred with Roger Gentry (3 movies), Marland Proctor (4 movies), Phil Hoover (7 movies)

Mario Licu as Deputy

Steve McQueen as Dirt-bike Rider

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