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Don't Make Waves

Don't Make Waves (1967)

Rating: 6.1 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Don't Make Waves. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Tony Curtis as Carlo Cofield

Has previous starred with Reg Lewis (2 movies), Sarah Selby (2 movies), George Tyne (3 movies), Joanna Barnes (3 movies)

Claudia Cardinale as Laura Califatti

Has previous starred with Sharon Tate (2 movies)

Robert Webber as Rod Prescott

Has previous starred with China Lee (2 movies)

Joanna Barnes as Diane Prescott

Has previous starred with Sarah Selby (2 movies)

Sharon Tate as Malibu

David Draper as Harry Hollard

Mort Sahl as Sam Lingonberry

Dub Taylor as Electrician

Has previous starred with Joanna Barnes (2 movies), Sarah Selby (2 movies)

Ann Elder as Millie Gunder

Chester Yorton as Ted Gunder

Reg Lewis as Monster

Marc London as Fred Barker

Douglas Henderson as Henderson

Has previous starred with Mort Sahl (2 movies), George Tyne (2 movies), Sharon Tate (2 movies), Julie Payne (2 movies), Robert Webber (2 movies)

Sarah Selby as Ethyl

Mary Grace Canfield as Seamstress

Julie Payne as Helen

Hollie Haze as Myrna

Edgar Bergen as Madame Lavinia

Paul Barselou as Pilot

George Tyne as Newspaperman

Has previous starred with Claudia Cardinale (2 movies), Sarah Selby (2 movies)

David Fresco as Newspaperman

Has previous starred with George Tyne (2 movies)

Gilbert Green as Newspaperman

Eduardo Tirella as Decorator

Ann Reece as Dancer

China Lee as Waitress

Dolores Hoff as Gymnast

Dorothy Manners as Reporter

Ellen London as Dancer

Haji LaMee as Waitress

Marlene Pacheco as Acrobat

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