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Dreamscape (1984)

Rating: 6.3 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Dreamscape. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Dennis Quaid as Alex Gardner

Has previous starred with Virginia Kiser (2 movies), Fred Waugh (2 movies)

Max von Sydow as Doctor Paul Novotny

Christopher Plummer as Bob Blair

Has previous starred with Dennis Quaid (2 movies), Max von Sydow (2 movies), George Wendt (2 movies)

Eddie Albert as The President

Has previous starred with Marii Mak (2 movies), Fred Waugh (2 movies), Bob Terhune (2 movies)

Kate Capshaw as Jane DeVries

David Patrick Kelly as Tommy Ray Glatman

Has previous starred with Chris Mulkey (2 movies), Christopher Plummer (2 movies), Bob Terhune (2 movies)

George Wendt as Charlie Prince

Larry Gelman as Mr. Webber

Has previous starred with Cory 'Bumper' Yothers (2 movies)

Cory 'Bumper' Yothers as Buddy

Redmond Gleeson as Snead

Has previous starred with Brian Libby (3 movies)

Peter Jason as Babcock

Has previous starred with David Patrick Kelly (2 movies), Virginia Kiser (2 movies), Dennis Quaid (2 movies), Chris Mulkey (3 movies)

Chris Mulkey as Finch

Has previous starred with Virginia Kiser (2 movies), Dennis Quaid (3 movies)

Jana Taylor as Mrs. Webber

Madison Mason as Fred Schoenstein

Has previous starred with Carl Strano (2 movies), Kendall Carly Browne (2 movies)

Kendall Carly Browne as Mrs. Matusik

Kate Charleson as President's Daughter

Eric Gold as Tommy Ray's Father

Virginia Kiser as President's Wife

Carl Strano as Edward Simms

Has previous starred with Kendall Carly Browne (2 movies)

Brian Libby as McClaren

Bob Terhune as Dobbs

Has previous starred with Kate Capshaw (2 movies)

Fred Waugh as Bill Hardy

Timothy Blake as Mrs. Blair

Carey Fox as Tech Aide #1

Marii Mak as Tech Aide #2

Claudia Lowe as Tech Aide #3

Anna Chavez as Newswoman

Ben Kronen as Train Conductor

Has previous starred with Madison Mason (2 movies), Carl Strano (2 movies), Kendall Carly Browne (2 movies)

John Malone as Trolley Conductor

Mindi Iden as Waitress

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