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Eight Girls in a Boat

Eight Girls in a Boat (1934)

Rating: 5.8 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Eight Girls in a Boat. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Dorothy Wilson as Christa Storm

Douglass Montgomery as David Perrin

Has previous starred with Jean Olmes (2 movies), Joan Woodbury (2 movies), Jean Rogers (2 movies), Zita Moulton (2 movies)

Kay Johnson as Hannah

Walter Connolly as Storm

Has previous starred with Ferike Boros (2 movies)

Ferike Boros as Frau Kruger

James Bush as Paul Lang

Has previous starred with Dorothy Drake (2 movies), Douglass Montgomery (2 movies), Joan Woodbury (2 movies), Jennifer Gray (2 movies), Ferike Boros (2 movies), Barbara Barondess (2 movies)

Barbara Barondess as Pickles

Has previous starred with Ferike Boros (2 movies), Dorothy Wilson (2 movies), Jennifer Gray (2 movies)

Colin Campbell as Smallman

Has previous starred with Jean Rogers (2 movies)

Jennifer Gray as The Strange One

Has previous starred with Patricia Scott (2 movies)

Ruth Heinaman as Goggles

Baby Peggy Baby Peggy as Hortense

Has previous starred with Margaret Marquis (2 movies), Phyllis Ludwig (3 movies)

Margaret Marquis as Elizabeth

Dorothy Drake as The Naughty

Kathleen Fitz as The Ritzy

Phyllis Ludwig as The Cry-Baby

Marjorie L. Carver as Bobby

Virginia Hall as Mary

Kay Hammond as Katza

Has previous starred with Joan Woodbury (2 movies)

Bobbie Sierks as School Girl

Carrie Richter as Student

Donna McGuire as Student

Edna Silverman as Student

Gertrude Pedlar as Headmistress

Jean Olmes as Student

Jean Rogers as School Girl

Has previous starred with Joan Woodbury (3 movies), Dorothy Wilson (3 movies)

Joan Woodbury as School Girl

Marjorie Stase as Student

Morey Johnson as Student

Patricia Scott as School Girl

Zita Moulton as Teacher

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