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Faccia di spia

Faccia di spia (1975)

Rating: 5.5 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Faccia di spia. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Adalberto Maria Merli as Captain Felix Ramos

Has previous starred with Alfredo Pea (2 movies)

Mariangela Melato as Tania

Francisco Rabal as Mehdi Ben Barka

Has previous starred with Mariangela Melato (2 movies), Dominique Boschero (2 movies)

Riccardo Cucciolla as Giuseppe Pinelli

Has previous starred with Marisa Mantovani (2 movies), Mariangela Melato (2 movies), Alfredo Pea (3 movies), Umberto Raho (4 movies)

Pietro Valpreda

Claudio Camaso as Che Guevara

Has previous starred with Francisco Rabal (2 movies), Dominique Boschero (4 movies)

George Ardisson as Patrick

Has previous starred with Ugo Bologna (2 movies), Umberto Raho (3 movies)

Ugo Bologna as Salvador Allende

Has previous starred with Livia Cerini (2 movies), Francisco Rabal (2 movies), Fiorella Buffa (2 movies), Marisa Mantovani (2 movies), Lou Castel (2 movies), Vittorio Fanfoni (2 movies), Mariangela Melato (3 movies)

Dominique Boschero as Licia Pinelli

Lou Castel as Torturer

Has previous starred with Alfredo Pea (2 movies), Vittorio Fanfoni (2 movies), Francisco Rabal (2 movies), Mariangela Melato (3 movies)

Francesco De Bilio

Giuseppe Di Bella

Antonia Forlani

Gérard Landry as Mr. Rutherford

Marcello Mandò as Inspector Luigi Calabresi

Marisa Mantovani as Zublema

Mimma Monticelli

Alfredo Pea

Has previous starred with Mariangela Melato (2 movies)

Umberto Raho

Has previous starred with Marisa Mantovani (2 movies)

Pier Giovanni Anchisi as Guido Lorenzon

Has previous starred with Raul Cabrera (2 movies), Umberto Raho (2 movies), Adalberto Maria Merli (2 movies), Edy Biagetti (2 movies), Gabriele Bentivoglio (2 movies), Gérard Landry (2 movies), Vittorio Fanfoni (2 movies), Alfredo Pea (3 movies), Riccardo Cucciolla (3 movies)

Gabriele Bentivoglio

Has previous starred with Claudio Camaso (2 movies), Vittorio Fanfoni (3 movies)

Edy Biagetti

Has previous starred with Dominique Boschero (2 movies), Francisco Rabal (5 movies)

Guglielmo Spoletini

West Buchanan

Fiorella Buffa

Raul Cabrera

Grazia Ceri

Livia Cerini as Allende's daughter

Vittorio Fanfoni as Guerrilla

Has previous starred with Dominique Boschero (2 movies), Gérard Landry (2 movies), Alfredo Pea (2 movies), Mimma Monticelli (2 movies), Mariangela Melato (2 movies), Umberto Raho (3 movies), Guglielmo Spoletini (3 movies)

Giovanni Fracasso

Has previous starred with Umberto Raho (2 movies)

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