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Fatal Frames - Fotogrammi mortali

Fatal Frames - Fotogrammi mortali (1996)

Rating: 3.8 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Fatal Frames - Fotogrammi mortali. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Stefania Stella as Stefania Stella

Rick Gianasi as Alex Ritt

Has previous starred with David Warbeck (2 movies), Linnea Quigley (2 movies), Stefania Stella (2 movies)

David Warbeck as Commissioner Bonelli

Has previous starred with Linnea Quigley (2 movies), Stefania Stella (2 movies)

Ugo Pagliai as Commissioner Valenti

Leo Daniel as Daniel Antonucci

Alida Valli as Countess Alessandra Mirafiori

Geoffrey Copleston as Mr. Fairbrain

Has previous starred with Ciccio Ingrassia (2 movies), David Warbeck (2 movies), Massimo Pittarello (2 movies), Cinzia Berni (2 movies), Donald Pleasence (3 movies)

Linnea Quigley as Wendy Williams

Has previous starred with Stefania Stella (2 movies)

Giorgio Albertazzi as Father

Has previous starred with Rossano Brazzi (2 movies)

Rossano Brazzi as Dr. Lucidi

Has previous starred with David Warbeck (2 movies), Ciccio Ingrassia (3 movies), Alida Valli (5 movies)

Ciccio Ingrassia as Beggar

Has previous starred with Massimo Pittarello (2 movies)

Donald Pleasence as Professor Robinson

Angus Scrimm as Man in Grey

Has previous starred with Linnea Quigley (2 movies)

Massimo Pittarello as Calzetta

Has previous starred with Cinzia Berni (2 movies)

Marcel Malcoun as Luca Antonucci

Andrea Festa as Marini

Nina Soldano as Tamara

Veronica Logan as Rebecca

Linda Prester as Greta

Giorgia Bongianni as Isabel Fairbrain Ritt

Marinella Furgiuele as Gina Lorenzi

Mats Hedberg as Bodyguard

Valerio Isidori as Man of Picture

Has previous starred with Ugo Pagliai (2 movies), Massimo Pittarello (2 movies), Stefania Stella (2 movies)

Cinzia Berni as 1st Girl

Cinzia Scalzi as 2nd Girl

Giovanna Nodari as 3rd Girl

Spiwe Sibanda as Snuff Girl

Andrea Pelosi as Snuff Man

Vlad Scolari as Young Alex

Claudio Fuiano as Zombie

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