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Francorusse (1997)

Rating: 5.2 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Francorusse. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Marc Citti as Max

Has previous starred with Pierre Lacan (2 movies), Dominique Hulin (2 movies), Marina Tomé (2 movies), Mathilde Seigner (3 movies), Olivier Rabourdin (3 movies), Bruno Todeschini (6 movies)

Mathilde Seigner as Sophie, la serial killeuse

Has previous starred with Marina Tomé (3 movies)

Pierre Lacan as Fred

Has previous starred with Bruno Todeschini (2 movies)

Antoine Chappey as Michel

Has previous starred with Dominique Hulin (2 movies), Jean-Yves Freyburger (2 movies), Alain Figlarz (2 movies), Francis Coffinet (2 movies), Laure Sirieix (2 movies), Marc Citti (2 movies), Mathilde Seigner (4 movies), Marina Tomé (4 movies), Olivier Rabourdin (4 movies)

Pierre-Henry Salfati as Le Rabbin Menahim

Bruno Todeschini as L'homme à la Cherokee

Éric Caravaca as L'étudiant de la passerelle des arts

Has previous starred with Marc Citti (2 movies), Marina Tomé (2 movies), Catherine Benguigui (2 movies), Anne Kreis (2 movies), Patrick Mille (2 movies), Olivier Rabourdin (2 movies), Francis Coffinet (2 movies), Bruno Todeschini (3 movies)

Marina Tomé as La directrice de l'agence d'intérim

Catherine Benguigui as Le femme-flic

Has previous starred with Anne Kreis (2 movies)

Jacques Verzier as Le troisième danseur

Gautier Ranner as Le rabatteur du peep show

Patrick Mille as Le dragueur de la fête foraine

Has previous starred with Marina Tomé (2 movies), Olivier Rabourdin (2 movies)

Anne Kreis as La mère de Fred

Jean-Gabriel Nordmann as Le père de Fred

Laure Sirieix as La BCBG raciste

Olivier Rabourdin as Le forain

Has previous starred with Catherine Benguigui (2 movies), Marina Tomé (2 movies)

Phil Deguil as Baudelaire

Jean-Luc Moisson as Racine

Frederic Ambrosio as Le footballer gay

Solal Valentin as Graziella

Franck Jolly as Le cadre Hugo Boss

Alexis Miansarow as Le deuxième flic

Mat Troi Day as L'huissie

Dominique Hulin as Le popin

Alain Figlarz as Le chef des truands de la ruelle

Has previous starred with Jean-Yves Freyburger (2 movies), Olivier Rabourdin (2 movies)

Inga Diatchkova as La secrétaire des Konsommols

Francis Coffinet

Has previous starred with Patrick Mille (2 movies), Jean-Yves Freyburger (2 movies), Bruno Todeschini (2 movies), Marina Tomé (3 movies)

Jean-Yves Freyburger

Has previous starred with Patrick Mille (2 movies), Mathilde Seigner (2 movies), Olivier Rabourdin (2 movies)

Philippe Rebboah as Le dragueur

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