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From Ashes to Immortality

From Ashes to Immortality (2016)

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Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in From Ashes to Immortality. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Andy Stowers as Older Garrett

Keegan Derning as Young Dell

Christie Scanlin Dobson as Dr. Loveland

Yuri Zupancic as Yuri

Taylor Bell as Caroline

Garrett Ernzen as Young Garrett

Jen Young as Bartender

Geoff Benzing as Bar Patron

Marc Buckner as Bar Patron

Garret Tufte as Janitor

Jason Daniels as Motorcyclist

Gregory Leigh Nielsen as Waiter

Amelia Ellsworth as Student Receptionist

Blaine Mulholland as College Fighter

Blake Robbins as Jon Orr

Has previous starred with Christie Scanlin Dobson (2 movies), Wes Studi (2 movies)

Brittany Shrout as College Student

Chad Micah Johnson as Campus Security

Christopher Jane Muetz as Figure Model

Curt Alan Enos as Bar Patron

George M. Dean as Matt DeLuca

Has previous starred with Chad Micah Johnson (2 movies)

Heather Wilson as College Student

Jerry Salisbury as College Student

Jessica Phoenix as College Student

John Tucker as Campus Goer

Katherine Lindboe as Older Sofia

Keith Loneker as Timmy Sutton

Has previous starred with Wes Studi (2 movies), Blake Robbins (2 movies)

Marissa Landis as Figure Model

Paul Ford as Dr. Paul Ford

Rob Fiz as College Student

Wes Studi as Warrior

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