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Frontier Uprising

Frontier Uprising (1961)

Rating: 5.3 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Frontier Uprising. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Jim Davis as Jim Stockton

Has previous starred with Sid Kane (2 movies), Nestor Paiva (3 movies), Tudor Owen (3 movies), Addison Richards (4 movies)

Nancy Hadley as Consuela Montalvo

Ken Mayer as Beaver McBride

Has previous starred with Tudor Owen (2 movies), Herman Rudin (3 movies)

Nestor Paiva as Don Carlos Montalvo

Has previous starred with Allan Ray (2 movies), Renata Vanni (3 movies), Stuart Randall (3 movies), Addison Richards (9 movies)

Don Kelly as Lt. Kilpatrick

Stuart Randall as Ben Wright

Has previous starred with Addison Richards (2 movies), Allan Ray (3 movies)

Eugene Iglesias as Lt. Ruiz

Has previous starred with Addison Richards (2 movies), Stuart Randall (3 movies)

John Marshall as Gen. Torena

Has previous starred with Nestor Paiva (2 movies), Addison Richards (2 movies), Ken Mayer (2 movies)

David Renard as Lopez

Tudor Owen as Charley Bridger

Has previous starred with Barbara Mansell (2 movies), Renata Vanni (2 movies), Allan Ray (2 movies)

Renata Vanni as Augustina

Addison Richards as Cmdr. Kimball

Herman Rudin as Chief Taztay

Jan Arvan as Toyon

Has previous starred with Tudor Owen (2 movies), Stuart Randall (2 movies), Herman Rudin (2 movies), Jim Davis (2 movies), Sid Kane (3 movies), Nestor Paiva (4 movies)

Allan Ray

Barbara Mansell

Dina Caesar

Norman Pabst

Sid Kane

Has previous starred with Renata Vanni (2 movies), Ken Mayer (2 movies), Herman Rudin (2 movies), Barbara Mansell (2 movies), Nestor Paiva (3 movies)

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