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Ghost Goggles

Ghost Goggles (2016)

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Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Ghost Goggles. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Jessica Nagel as Elaine Boochek

Makayla Gubbay as Demi

Debra Kurtz as Aunt Edna

Omar Hansen as Earl

Has previous starred with Bo Linton (2 movies)

Julie Chapin as Mrs. Goldstein

Frezno Frezno as Kriskin

Evan Fisher Boger as Manny

Billy Mikus as Johnny

Has previous starred with Alyssa Kennedy (2 movies)

Sebastien Large as Vince

Andre Kennedy as Nick

Has previous starred with Bo Linton (2 movies), Alyssa Kennedy (5 movies)

Kara Suzanne Boger as Ashley

Ron Pucillo as Mob Boss

Kyle Wise as Officer Canfield

Edgar Roche as Vernon

Bo Linton as Principal Albert Nuccio

Has previous starred with Ron Pucillo (2 movies), Alyssa Kennedy (2 movies)

Tyler Colt as TK

Alyssa Kennedy as Goth Girl

Alicia Matthews as Alicia Lynn

Alyssa Leonesio as Hanna

Danielle Jaffey as Picnic Ghost

Emily Lopato as Ghost

Emily Shilberg as Crystal

Lais Pedroso as Maritza

Mary Young as School Student

Misty Marie as Lizbeth

Mota Maria as Lana

Rachel Silver as Kendall Summers

Shea Heaslip as Thora Mara

Ward Edmondson as Dr. Daniel Doom

Yuliana Naim as Gabriela

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