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Golden Gate

Golden Gate (1994)

Rating: 5.3 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Golden Gate. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Matt Dillon as Agent Kevin David Walker

Has previous starred with Jack Shearer (2 movies)

Elizabeth Morehead as Receptionist

Joan Chen as Marilyn Song

Bruno Kirby as Agent Ron Pirelli

Has previous starred with Keone Young (2 movies)

Teri Polo as Cynthia

Jack Shearer as FBI chief

Keone Young as Benny Ying

Tzi Ma as Chen Jung Song

Has previous starred with Joan Chen (2 movies)

Paddy Morrissey as Agent

Cully Fredricksen as Special Agent Collins

Has previous starred with Jack Shearer (2 movies), Howard Swain (2 movies)

Leo Downey as Prosecuting Attorney Snyder

Jay Jacobus as Judge

Has previous starred with Howard Swain (2 movies), Doreen Foo Croft (2 movies)

Wilbur Jung as Chinese defendant

Henry Wong as Court interpreter

Theresa Huynh as Young Marilyn

Doreen Foo Croft as Mrs. Chen

David Booth as Defense attorney

Has previous starred with Denny Delk (2 movies), Leo Downey (2 movies), Cully Fredricksen (2 movies), James Cranna (2 movies), Jay Jacobus (2 movies)

Denny Delk as Jury foreman

Has previous starred with Leo Downey (2 movies), Jay Jacobus (2 movies)

James Cranna as Court bailiff

Has previous starred with Jay Jacobus (2 movies)

Reigh Tuazon as Doo-wop singer

Jeffrey A. Chan as Doo-wop singer

Daniel Hiu Tung Chan as Doo-wop singer

Conrad Tom as Doo-wop singer

Howard Swain as Agent

Andrew Chow as Laundry boss

Wallace Choy as Building superintendent

Has previous starred with Denny Delk (2 movies), Jay Jacobus (2 movies), Howard Swain (2 movies)

Peter Murnik as Agent Byrd

George Guidall as Agent Meisner

Linda Chuan as Girl in seminar

Has previous starred with Doreen Foo Croft (3 movies)

Stan Egi as Bradley Ichiyasu

Has previous starred with Teri Polo (2 movies)

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