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Heavenly Bodies

Heavenly Bodies (1984)

Rating: 5.0 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Heavenly Bodies. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Cynthia Dale as Samantha Blair

Richard Rebiere as Steve

Has previous starred with Murray Westgate (2 movies), Linda Sorensen (2 movies)

Walter George Alton as Jack Pearson

Laura Henry as Debbie Martin

Stuart Stone as Joel Blair

Has previous starred with Jo Bates (2 movies)

Patricia Idlette as KC

Pam Henry as Patty

Linda Sorensen as T.V. Producer

Reiner Schwarz as T.V. Director

Cec Linder as Walter Matheson

Has previous starred with Linda Sorensen (2 movies), Michael Tait (3 movies), Murray Westgate (3 movies), Sean Sullivan (6 movies)

Micki Moore as T.V. Reporter

Sean Sullivan as Real Estate Salesman

Has previous starred with Michael Tait (2 movies), Cynthia Dale (2 movies), Murray Westgate (4 movies)

Mac Bradden as Nick

Michael Tait as Mr. Howard

Has previous starred with Elena Kudaba (2 movies)

Murray Westgate as Coach Hudson

Elena Kudaba as Babysitter

Has previous starred with Micki Moore (2 movies)

Sugar Bouche as Stripper

Andrew Douglas as Marathon Official

Brian Foley as Marathon Official

Fay Foley as Marathon Official

Howard Barish as Nervous Young Man

Eric Fink as Gorillagram

Has previous starred with Michael Tait (2 movies), Dan Hennessey (2 movies), Sean Sullivan (2 movies), Cynthia Dale (2 movies), Patricia Idlette (2 movies)

Reg Dreger as Chuck

Has previous starred with Stuart Stone (2 movies), Jo Bates (2 movies), Elena Kudaba (2 movies), Eric Fink (2 movies), Micki Moore (2 movies)

Anne Lévy as Woman Interviewer

Dan Hennessey as Press Conference Reporter

Has previous starred with Sean Sullivan (2 movies), Cynthia Dale (2 movies), Deborah Kimmet (2 movies)

Deborah Kimmet as Press Conference Reporter

Jo Bates as Girl in Locker Room

Marsha Levine as Girl in Locker Room

Heather Smith as Aerobics Dancer

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