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Hesher (2010)

Rating: 7.1 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Hesher. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Hesher

Devin Brochu as TJ

Rainn Wilson as Paul

Piper Laurie as Grandma

Has previous starred with Audrey Wasilewski (2 movies)

Natalie Portman as Nicole

Brendan Hill as Dustin

John Carroll Lynch as Larry

Has previous starred with Audrey Wasilewski (2 movies), Natalie Portman (3 movies)

Monica Staggs as Mom

Mary Elizabeth Barrett as Meryl

Audrey Wasilewski as Coleen

Lyle Kanouse as Jack

Frank Collison as Funeral Director

Has previous starred with David Hill (2 movies), Paul Grace (2 movies)

Van Epperson as Angry Driver

Has previous starred with Joseph Gordon-Levitt (2 movies), Lyle Kanouse (2 movies)

Helen Slayton-Hughes as Mrs. Rosowski

Paul Bates as Mr. Elsberry

Ralph P. Martin as Tow Truck Driver

Has previous starred with Audrey Wasilewski (2 movies), Rainn Wilson (2 movies)

Timothy Davis as Mechanic

Has previous starred with David Hill (2 movies)

Allan Graf as Security Guard

Has previous starred with Biff Yeager (2 movies), Milt Kogan (2 movies), Brian Lally (2 movies)

Brian Lally as Cop at Station

Rafael J. Noble as Foreman

Milt Kogan as Doctor

Richard Susser as Booking Officer

Barry Sigismondi as Cop at House

William Jones as Walter

Biff Yeager as Counselor

Has previous starred with Mary Elizabeth Barrett (2 movies)

Cole Hockenbury as Kid 2

Cristian Nicolae as Emo Kid

Dajine Colon as Student

David Hill as Cowboy in Truck

Paul Grace as Salvage Yard Worker

Has previous starred with Helen Slayton-Hughes (2 movies), Barry Sigismondi (2 movies)

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