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Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home (1973)

Rating: 7.2 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Home Sweet Home. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Claude Jade as Mademoiselle Claire

Jacques Perrin as Jacques, l'assistant social

Has previous starred with Claude Jade (2 movies)

Ann Petersen as Yvonne, la directrice de la maison de retraite

Has previous starred with Anna Wagram (2 movies)

Marcel Josz as Jules Claes

Has previous starred with Edgar Willy (4 movies)

Jane Meuris as Flore

Has previous starred with Ann Petersen (2 movies)

Elise Mertens as Anna Van Grammelaer

Jacques Lippe as Le commissaire de police

Andrée Garnier as Cora

Dynma Appelmans as Marguerite Van Der Plats

Henriette Lambeau as Annette Poels

Has previous starred with Ann Petersen (2 movies)

Josée Gelman as Simone

Frans Monnoyer as Léopold

May Dale as Sidonie

Anna Wagram as Mademoiselle Hernotte

Mieke Peters as Mieke

Marie-Louise Amijes

Eva Djakky

Madeleine Stradel

Jean-Henri Merleaud

Daniel Dury

Has previous starred with Elie Lison (2 movies), Anna Wagram (2 movies), Jacques Lippe (3 movies)

Edgar Willy as Le curé

Frank Genoe

Fifi de Scheemaker

Sylvie Dupont as La speakerine

Elie Lison

Germaine Pascal

Jules-Henri Marchand

Mademoiselle Josz as la fille de Jules

Phili Dany

Violette Violette as la petite-fille de Jules

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