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Homo automobilis

Homo automobilis (1996)

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Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Homo automobilis. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Frédéric Leau

Patrick Paroux

Has previous starred with Frédéric Sauzay (2 movies), Christiane Bopp (2 movies), Gérald Weingand (5 movies)

François Levantal

Has previous starred with Françoise Lépine (2 movies), Frédéric Sauzay (2 movies), Véronique Boulanger (2 movies), Jean-Michel Tinivelli (2 movies), Gérald Weingand (2 movies), Aure Atika (2 movies), Christian Moro (2 movies), Patrick Paroux (3 movies), Marie-Hélène Lentini (3 movies)

Roger Cornu

Céline Dubois

Gauthier de la Touche

Nathalie Presles

Macha Pelinappova

Aure Atika

Has previous starred with Christiane Bopp (2 movies)

Pascal Perroz

Frédéric Sauzay

Christian Moro

Xavier Morineau

Christiane Bopp

Jean-Michel Tinivelli

Ariane Pirie

Arsène Jiroyan

Has previous starred with François Levantal (2 movies), Véronique Boulanger (2 movies), Patrick Paroux (2 movies)

Adèle Garceau

Ferdinand Garceau

Basile Mayrand

Gérald Weingand

Has previous starred with Céline Dubois (2 movies), Christiane Bopp (2 movies)

Françoise Lépine

Alexandre Widmer

Marie-Hélène Lentini

Has previous starred with Françoise Lépine (2 movies)

Daniel Jean

Patrice Perlant

Valérie Drevon

Stéphane Duclot

Alberto Maccione

Véronique Boulanger

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