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Hunter's Blood

Hunter's Blood (1986)

Rating: 5.9 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Hunter's Blood. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Sam Bottoms as David Rand

Has previous starred with Clu Gulager (3 movies)

Kim Delaney as Melanie

Clu Gulager as Mason Rand

Ken Swofford as Al Coleman

Joey Travolta as Marty Adler

Has previous starred with Joe Verroca (2 movies)

Mayf Nutter as Ralph Coleman

Lee de Broux as Red Beard

Has previous starred with Bruce Glover (2 movies), Ray Young (2 movies), Billy Drago (2 movies), Kim Delaney (2 movies)

Bruce Glover as One Eye

Has previous starred with Ken Swofford (3 movies)

Billy Drago as Snake

Has previous starred with Mickey Jones (2 movies)

Mickey Jones as Wash Pot

Has previous starred with Mayf Nutter (2 movies), Billy Bob Thornton (3 movies)

Charles Cyphers as Woody

Has previous starred with Clu Gulager (2 movies), Bruce Glover (2 movies)

Bryan Rasmussen as Purty Boy

Joe Verroca as Ants

David DeShay as Tull

Mike Muscat as Bubba

Concetta D'Agnese as Tracy

Eugene Robert Glazer as Harris

Has previous starred with Clu Gulager (2 movies)

Ray Young as Brinkley

Burr Middleton as BBQ man #1

Billy Million as BBQ man #2

Has previous starred with Bryan Rasmussen (2 movies)

Allen Lerner as Redneck in truck

Ron LaPere as Tobe

Billy Bob Thornton as Billy Bob

Beverly E. Schwartz as Ol Maw

Nan J. Seitz as Poacher girl

Jerry Ratay as Poacher #1

Dennis Dorantes as Poacher #2

Daniel McFeeley as Poacher #3

Dave Gist as Loud Mouth Drunkard

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