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Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis (1989)

Rating: 1.7 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Identity Crisis. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Mario Van Peebles as Chilly D

Has previous starred with Jane Thorvaldson (2 movies), Melvin Van Peebles (8 movies)

Alyce Webb as Nurse

Andrea U'Ren as Executive's Wife

Bobby Rivers as Emcee

Bruce Smolanoff as Rock

Has previous starred with Mario Van Peebles (2 movies)

Calvert DeForest as Disbelieving Doctor

Clarke Bittner as Stockholder's Spokesman

Coco Mitchell as Inspector's Wife

David Buntzman as Disbelieving Doctor

Has previous starred with Bruce Smolanoff (2 movies), Mario Van Peebles (2 movies)

Dianne Brill as Betty Boobs

Gary Pratt as Bum

Has previous starred with Mario Van Peebles (2 movies), Melvin Van Peebles (2 movies)

Helen Hanft as Hag

Henry Yuk as White Eye

Hope W. Sacharoff as Woman in Window

Jane Thorvaldson as Mannequin #10

Jeff Griglak as Doris Dot

Jennifer Stahl as Girl with Whipped Cream

Ken Prymus as Hospital Doctor

Kid Creole as Thrift Shop Man

Melvin Van Peebles as The Inspector

Has previous starred with Alyce Webb (2 movies)

Olivia Brown as Domino

Pamela Lewis as Sue the Secretary

Richard Bassett as Security Guard

Richard Clarke as Max

Richard Fancy as Yves Malmaison

Rick Aviles as El Toro

Shelly Burch as Roxy

Stephen J. Cannell as The Coroner

Has previous starred with Mario Van Peebles (2 movies), Melvin Van Peebles (2 movies)

Tab Thacker as I.Q.

Tatiana Thumbtzen as Annette's Friend

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