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Il mostro dell'isola

Il mostro dell'isola (1954)

Rating: 2.5 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Il mostro dell'isola. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Boris Karloff as Don Gaetano

Franca Marzi as Gloria D'Auro

Has previous starred with Germana Paolieri (2 movies)

Renato Vicario as Ten. Mario Andreani

Patrizia Remiddi as Fiorella Andreani

Jole Fierro as Giulia

Has previous starred with Franca Marzi (2 movies)

Carlo Duse as Foster

Has previous starred with Germana Paolieri (5 movies)

Germana Paolieri as Adalgisa

Giuseppe Chinnici as Maresciallo Antonio Carcani

Has previous starred with Alberto D'Amario (2 movies), Patrizia Remiddi (2 movies), Angelo Dessy (3 movies), Franca Marzi (3 movies)

Giulio Battiferri as Il rapitore

Has previous starred with Jole Fierro (3 movies), Franca Marzi (3 movies), Germana Paolieri (3 movies), Giuseppe Chinnici (4 movies), Angelo Dessy (6 movies), Carlo Duse (13 movies)

Domenico De Nimmo as Uomo di Pozzuoli

Clara Gamberini as La contessa

Salvatore Scibetta as Col. Della Finanza

Alberto D'Amario as Morozzi

Angelo Dessy as Un contrabandiere

Has previous starred with Germana Paolieri (2 movies), Franca Marzi (3 movies), Carlo Duse (8 movies)

Bruna Camerini

Gianni Breschi

Giuseppe Addobbati as Direttore 'Sirena'

Has previous starred with Germana Paolieri (2 movies), Angelo Dessy (2 movies), Giuseppe Chinnici (2 movies), Giulio Battiferri (2 movies), Carlo Duse (4 movies)

Kitty Vinciguerra

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