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In ascolto

In ascolto (2006)

Rating: 6.3 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in In ascolto. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Michael Parks as James Wagley

Maya Sansa as Francesca Savelli

Andrea Tidona as Gianni Longardo

Has previous starred with Maya Sansa (2 movies)

James Parks as Anthony Ashe

Has previous starred with Michael Parks (14 movies)

Matt Patresi as Guglia Graef

Has previous starred with Lorenza Damiani (2 movies), Fabrice Scott (3 movies)

Bruce McGuire as Phil Kovacs

Has previous starred with Francis Pardeilhan (2 movies), Fabrice Scott (2 movies), Jay Natelle (4 movies), Matt Patresi (5 movies)

Vincent Riotta as Frank Vaughan

Has previous starred with Giulia Bernardini (2 movies)

Terence Beesley as John Strobel

Carla Cassola as Tina Longardo

Giulia Bernardini as Katherine Palmer

Marc Fiorini as Lehmann

Has previous starred with Michael Parks (2 movies)

Adam O'Neill as Louis Perry

Jay Natelle as Bryden

Has previous starred with Fabrice Scott (2 movies), Francis Pardeilhan (2 movies), Matt Patresi (4 movies)

Claudia Zanella as Annamaria

Harold Bradley as Polygraph Examiner

Francis Pardeilhan as Murray

David Traylor as Ellison

George Pedol as Gypsy Boy

Eleonora Baldwin as NSA Staffer Elliot

Nathalie Baldascini as NSA Staffer Johnson

Nicola Marzano as NSA Technician

Alastair Boag as Derek

Marco Lucchino as Deveers

Has previous starred with Claudia Zanella (2 movies)

Stefano Fregni as Esposito

Fabrice Scott as Hamilton

Has previous starred with Maya Sansa (3 movies)

Gianluca Passone as Navy Officer

Nicolai Iuul as Wen-Cran Executive

Luca Nigra as Protezione Civile Driver

Lorenza Damiani as Narrator

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